5 High School Back To School Tips

We love our summer schedule because the schedule is less structured then when the kids are in school. When we homeschooled we had a relaxed schedule all the time! This all changed when the oldest two teens started taking local college classes and the youngest went to a local high school last year! How does your family adjust to the new school schedule every year?  How do you make the transition smooth from relaxed summer schedule to planned and organized daily schedule? How do you prepare your kids and teens for back to school independence? 

5 High School Back To School Tips -support indpendence

1-Back to School Clothes Shopping- Take the teen shopping! Connect one on one with your teen. Plan your budget to allow them to pick out some new clothes. This is so important in their mind but they might not express it to you.

2-Back to School Supply Shopping-Get the school supply list and go shopping with your teen. Enjoy this one on one time together. Let them take charge of the list and get what is needed. In high school they do not need a parent picking out their backpack, folders, pencils, etc. Let them take charge and do it together.

3-Back to School Lunch- This seems trivial to some but talk with your teen and find out what they want to eat for school lunch. Don't just assume they want the easy hot lunch at school. Provide what they need but don't over do it. Most likely they will not take or eat a balanced meal for lunch. If they always bring their lunch from home, give them cash to keep in their back pack for those days when they leave the lunch at home or on the bus. This will give them independence to buy lunch instead of them having to call home and be embarrassed at their teen forgetfulness.

4-Back to School Bedtime- Teens do not need a set bedtime. GULP! If you set it this gives them something to rebel against. Don't start the school year off this way. Talk about what time is a good bed time and wake up time. Teach them how to set their alarm so they can be responsible for their own wake up time. They need independence and this is a good time for them to learn it. Don't wake them up. Let them do this and they will succeed. 

5-Back to School Homework-This has to be your teens responsibility. Actively ask questions about what they did in school, what homework do they have and offer your help if they need it but do not do their work or take charge of it. High school students need to do this on their own. 

It isn't easy letting go as a parent but when it comes to high school students they need to be independent. Independence doesn't mean ignoring them and letting them go off and have no responsibilities. Guide them in their decisions and always let them know you are there to help!

Did you know that each year 1 MILLION students fail to graduate high school? This statistic is sad and scary. Don't let your kid or someone you know be in this statistic. Why is that number so high? Somewhere along the way these high school students got lost and overwhelmed with life. Somewhere along the way they lost their independence and guidance from adults.

I'm a huge supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and have blogged about this organization numerous times. This organization works to support today's youth, support you as a parent and give guidance and support for the educational needs of youth. This back to school season, BGCA and Disney have launched an online school supply drive. You can play their online pop-quiz style game which will allow you to help donate school supplies to your local BGCA. The quiz is easy and for every 5 answers you get correct a supply donation will be made! 

Why is this important? If you are a parent who has the resources to provide supplies for back to school that is great. Gathering of the supplies is one of those back to school areas which allows you to bond and give the high schooler independence in choosing supplies. Some parents do not have the extra resources to do this or for some they just don't do it. The BGCA assist parents and students in this area because that is what they do! They find a need and fill it! If you are reading this you can help, too! 

Let's give help to those in need and you can start by going to the BGCA website and play the pop-quiz and assist BGCA and Disney in the supply donation! Easy way to make a difference to some of those 1 million teens which could keep them in school and graduate. Did you know that the BGCA Website is for all parents? So while you are there look around and check out all the educational content for you to assist your teens educational needs. I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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