Care Bears A Belly Badge for Wonderheart the Movie Giveaway #ad

Care Bears have been around since I was a kid and I have always loved them. Over the years I have enjoyed watching them come and go for new generations. Right now there is a new movie featuring the adorable bunch of Care Bears, A Belly Badge for Wonderheart-the Movie. Have you heard of it? Are your kids fans of Care Bears?

What an adorable movie. A Belly Badge for Wonderheart took us to the magical world of Care-a-Lot which if you are a fan of the Care Bears you are familiar with this place! The Bears have to have a Belly Badge to be in the Cub Bouts so this of course deals with Wonderheart Bear and her desire to be in the club. It isn't easy for her to be patient and along the path of learning this she does discover friendship, honesty and caring and how to be responsible with her new belly badge beacon. 

Cute movie which the kids enjoyed and as always passed on lessons of sharing and caring. This is one worth watching with the kids and one that you can feel comfortable with them watching by themselves as any Care Bear movie. 
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