Southern Illinois Deal of the Week! Walt's Pizza in Marion, Illinois

My family loves to eat at Walt's Pizza in Marion, IL. It is a great family friendly restaurant with a menu set for all ages. Don't let the pizza part fool you in their name because they are more than just pizza. Have you eaten at Walt's? Today is the day to check out the Southern Illinois Deal of the Week!

At Walt's you'll find pizza, pasta and tasty grilled food. Some of our favorite menu items are their pizzas, calzones, wedge salad, lunch buffet, chicken walnut salad, Italian sandwiches and even their salmon!

This week you can click and get the Walt's My Town Half Price Deal where it will cost you $10 to get a $20 Gift Card. That means you save 50% on your meal. My husband and I use these deals for date lunch or date night dinner. So for $10 we easily enjoy a nice meal! You can get 3 of these deals and they last for 3 months! They make great gifts, too!

Click to get the deal from Thursday through Saturday only!

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  1. I love blue cheese and that wedge salad is the bomb!! Thanks for joining us at GYB!


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