Banana Boat Giveaway {101 Days of Summer Play}

What are your plans this summer? Are you going boating, hiking or swimming? Do you have other favorite outdoor activities? Banana Boat® Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion is sponsoring 101 Days of Summer Play campaign and they want you to take the fun outside! Not only do they want you to take it outside but they have provided activities on their Facebook page. Stop over and get some fresh new ideas to add fun and variety each day this summer!

We've recently spent a lot of time outdoors. From camping, swimming, and hiking we have found ourselves busy busy busy! At one of our outdoor events I passed out party bags from Banana Boat. This included candy, lotion, Frisbee, coupons and the new Natural Reflect Sunscreen Lotion.

I was reading up on sunscreen and learned that you should reapply your lotion every two hours when you are outside. Did you know that? Do you do that? The lotion provides a protective layer on the skin (in all seasons) that reflects UVA and UVB harmful rays. This along with covering up skin that doesn't need to be showing may reduce the risk of skin aging and skin cancer. Why take the chance when products are tested and readily available to use?

Banana Boat's new Natural Reflect Sunscreen lotion was tested in real life conditions with the sun, pool, water, ocean, wind, sweat, sand and even 100 degree heat! It was tested and proven effective again sunburn. I can say that this has been true with water play. My daughter has yet to get a sunburn wearing this sunscreen. Besides the outdoor fun she is also a swimmer on our outdoor swim team. She has been using the lotion and even sharing it with her friends! We also love how non-greasy the lotion feels and that it is fragrance-free!
Do you know how your kids will entertain themselves when they are outdoors and without electronics? Most kids do not know how to entertain themselves outdoors anymore. I remember when I was a kid, we were outdoors from daylight to sundown. Now days, they are lucky to be out for 2 hours a day in the summer. On our 101 Days of Summer events we brought along jump ropes, jacks, bubbles, Banana Boat frisbees and chalk. These are simple products that kids of all ages can have fun using! Look above and below!
When given simple toys kids can get creative on their own. The pictured girl with the jump rope said, "I haven't done this in a long time," while she was jump roping! The adults had a blast with the Frisbee and enjoyed playing with the younger kids. One group of kids played "Frisbee golf" and the other girls played "Pool Frisbee" which everyone enjoyed. Sometimes I think the simpler the better!  

Are you looking for easy, simple summer ideas? Visit the Banana Boat Facebook page to download your own summer activity guide, check out their daily calendar of ideas and take the pledge to encourage your kids to play outside every day this summer!

Remember the Banana Boat party bags that I passed out to my friends? You can enter to win a Banana Boat Kit right here on my blog. It is super easy to enter!

Answer this question in the comments below:

What’s your favorite summer memory?


1- Visit Banana Boat on their Facebook page and check out the 101 Days of Summer Campaign to get new ideas. You can download the activity book and take the campaign pledge. For every pledge made, they will donate one bottle of Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp which is a summer camp for children coping with cancer and serious illness. (LEAVE a comment below on what you did at their page for your bonus entry)

Giveaway ends Saturday June 23rd so enter today!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Banana Boat® Sun Care and received a party kit to facilitate my review, party kits to give to my guests, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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