Are you Happy? What makes you happy?

So tell me, are you happy? Do you need others to make you happy or do you just have an inner happiness bubbling inside of you? Are you content in your life? 

Have you heard of the book, What Happy People Know by Dan Baker, Ph.D.? He is an expert on happiness! He is so much the expert that he wrote the book on it! He is also the director of the Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch, an executive life coach and more! Through his work on the study of happiness he discovered 12 qualities that are common among happy people.

So what does this have to do with you being happy and why am I writing this blog post? MOM brands has a new quiz on their Facebook page that they want you to take! It only takes about 10 seconds to complete and when finished you will find out your level of happiness! I did it and found that I am very happy. I do have to agree with the quiz! 
This the author, Dr. Baker and this quiz goes hand-in-hand with their best-selling Frosted Mini Spooners which has 12 delicious layers of whole grain biscuit goodness. Have you ever tried them? Everyone loves them in my home but I'm the only one that loves the "cereal dust" which is the bottom of the bag. Everyone carefully saves that for this mom! They know that makes mom happy and whatever makes mom happy makes everyone else happy! I wonder if MOM brands could sell just that cereal dust? I would buy it.

The Frosted Mini Spooners got top honors as best tasting shredded wheat cereal in a recent taste test from Cooking Light® magazine. Per serving, Frosted Mini Spooners has 6 grams of fiber, 44 grams of whole grain, low in fat and sodium. It also has 100% of the daily recommended Folic Acid and 90% value of Iron.

Those stats make me happy as a mom of 3 teen girls. How about you? Leave a comment and tell me something that make you happy! I went all out and shared with you my happy love for the "cereal dust" at the bottom of the Frosted Mini Spooners bag. Open up and share yours :)

Stop over and find out how Happy you are on Facebook! If you have time, stop back in and let me know the results of your happy quiz! 

This is a sponsored post. My own ideas and opinions are tastefully expressed here. Check my disclosure tab for more information.

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