I took the Glad One Bag Challenge #giveaway

     Do you ever look around at all the waste we produce? I know that every time we have a party it involves a lot of paper products. Some aren't so environmentally friendly, either. One thing we do at parties is write names on everyone's cup. By doing that we seem to cut down on that extra waste. One of my party friends washes her plastic cups and reuses them for the next party. This is fun because the names are already written on the cups. So for the party you might end up being Joe instead of Jill.
     I was asked to participate in the Glad One Bag Challenge for my next party. This meant I was to send less to the landfill and recycle and compost the rest. I was thrilled to take on the Glad One Bag Challenge to see if we could use just one trash bag at a party. We did it! We actually did it for several parties.
     As part of the challenge, I was sent a Glad One Bag Party Kit. It came with a beautiful green insulated collapsible Metro Cooler Market Basket, Glad tote bag, Green Works all purpose cleaner, box of Glad's new trash bags and an environment friendly soy candle. It also included wonderful eco-friendly products to use with our outdoor events. The paper products in the kit were some that I have never used nor heard of. These paper products could all be used in the compost pile. Have you ever heard of such a thing? The plates and bowls were better quality than the ones I normally buy for outdoor parties!  
     Our party was full of fun, friendship, games, drinks and FOOD! Food is always served in abundance. This spring we have celebrated our Church picnic, graduation parties, birthday parties and confirmation parties. What parties are you hosting? Are you thinking about products you can buy that are eco-friendly? 
     Glad's new trash bag product is 65% recycled plastic to help conserve natural resources. Glad is committed to bettering the environment. For more information on how Glad is caring for the environment, head on over to their website gladtowasteless.comThe bags are strong enough to protect from messy trash disasters. We found that you could stuff A LOT into the bag with no rips or messes. We also used a compost bag for all the eco-friendly compost products. I have never done that before. It really felt great and everyone got into it, too!
     We found that it is easy to take simple measure to cut down on landfill trash and use more eco-friendly products. Parties are no longer an exception with all the products that are available to us. How about you? Do you use any eco-friendly products? If so, which ones? 

Would you like to win one of the Glad One Bag Party Kits? Enter below in the easy Rafflecopter form. 

Here is what is in the kit:

• Box of Glad Tall Kitchen Bags
• Glad One Bag Tote
• Collapsible Metro Cooler Market Basket
• Veneerware compostable flatware & supplies
• Earth Friendly Soy Candle
• Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad and received a One Bag kit to facilitate my review, a kit to give away, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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