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June I joined Jamie's C.R.A.F.T Package pals. It was my first time participating and it was fun! You can participate each month and you sign up each month. Click  package pals to get more information. It is so easy to do! Just send a crafty package to your assigned person. (see more info here) Sign ups will happen again at the end of July for August PP’s! and the limit of the package pals is 100 people.

My pal was Carrie. It was fun meeting her and chatting in email. We found out that her and I are both pastor wives. It is a small world after all! I put together a few crafty projects for her. I made showed her how you can store small ribbon in Tic Tac boxes.....

 Make a Give Thanks Jar. She just moved and thought it would help her family remember things that they are thank ful for while adjusting to their new move.
 I bought a package of clothes pins and sent her ribbon and a sample of how she can create fun clothes pins.
 I also gave her a package of Sunprint Kit which allows you to create art with the sun. I thought it would be something her kids would enjoy.

Stop over and visit Carrie at Quite Carried Away! She was an awesome pal. She was really crazy to do this month because she was in the middle of a move! Even so, she put together a fun box for me. 
She sent me coffee, chalk top canister, awesome coffee mug, some of her favorite recipes (thanks I can't wait to try them) an a fun place mat purse that she made! I love it! 

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  1. I have never seen sunprint art, that is really neat!
    I also love the tic tac idea, that is genius!

    Love the mug/jar she gave you, it's amazing(:


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