If you have never been to visit The 5 Minutes for Mom website then you have missed out on a lot! Don't walk your fingers there but RUN your fingers there and check out their little big home on the internet! Click on any of the above photos to get you there! They are having a huge Mother's Day Gift giveaway ... or THE MOTHER OF ALL GIVEAWAYS.... and THE MOTHER OF ALL BOOK GIVEAWAYS! Good luck as you find all the treasures offered on their site! Links, Information, Reviews, Giveaways, etc. It is all there!
These super twin moms ROCK! Since I'm a mom of twin girls I can tell you it is a place for double the fun and double the information! Jennifer is the managing editor of 5minutesforbooks! Her reviews are very insightful on books! I think I've wanted to read every book she has given a review on .... even the ones she isn't sure if she should recommend!

OOO like I don't walk to their site!

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