There comes a time in your life where a family member will embarrass you. I feel the time has come to embarrass Anna. ( I'm not trying to embarrass her but I'm sure the public attention will do just... sorry Anna) She is my almost 15 year old, beautiful, timid, random, non stop talking rambler, who does have a lot to say! She is great to have along on car rides when you need someone to keep you awake. When Anna has little to say then I know that she is up to something.

So it was just that, up to something that inspired me to blog about her. The Children's Place and TwitterMoms have teamed up to create a fun contest for moms to show off their kid’s style. (I could win a $50 gift certificate to The Children’s Place just for entering!)
This is perfect timing for me because, Anna, just made her own dress for Easter.
Anna had some sewing lessons last fall by a dear member of our Church. We bought her a sewing machine and dear Maggie taught her how to use it. Then about a year ago, Anna took a 4H sewing class on how to make PJ bottoms. She did great and they turned out really neat! That was the last time she had out her sewing machine. The dear machine has been in her closet, hiding and calling out to Anna to bring her out to play with her for a year.

Last Tuesday Anna secretly brought out the little machine to play! Her door was shut and no one was allow to enter. Everyone wanted to enter to see what was going on! She let her twin, Naomi, in on what was happening. Naomi shared with us that all was well and she was "making something" and wanted to surprise us! Anna did let me in on what was going on. She was making something but didn't want me to know or see just in case it didn't turn out the way she wanted.
So after a few days of everyone trying to get into her room, Anna appeared to me in a beautiful dress! This momma had tears in her eyes and joy in her heart! (Just for the record I can cry at most anything...happy, sad yep that is me) She explained to me how she made the dress. She also said that it wasn't "perfect yet" and showed me whatelse she needed to finish. What amazed me the most about this dress is that she just took her knowledge and created something new. She didn't have a pattern. She didn't go out and buy any for this dress. She used what she had on hand. She just let her little self create! What a joy when you can do just that!

By Saturday night she was just that! Finished and ready to go to Church on Easter Sunday wearing her new creation! I bragged and told friends to go see Anna and her new dress. She showed it off timidly.
I did ask Anna if she was going to go into Fashion Design. I don't think that she will but she can create an orginal anytime she pleases! We are her family and are all very proud of her!
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