Kiss Me Mothers Day Gift Pack & MOM IT FORWARD
,The Mom It Forward mission is “to change the world one mom at a time.” I challenge you to go check out their site and see what you can do to make a difference! The Mom It Forward community can be found both on and offline. I got involved because of Twitter . I attended a Tuesday Girl's Night Out (#GNO) evening online chat "party". It was fun to have other moms to talk to who share similar interest and passions! Check out the Mom It Forward blog! They blog about some of the topics discussed during the #GNO events.The project I am involved with helps the women of Mombasa in Africa. Mom It Forward is raising money and assisting them in selling their oil (turned into lotions, soaps and other products) through the Basa Body company(named after the women of Mombasa).
The Basa Body's all natural products are made using organic virgin coconut oil found along the coast of Kenya. These products are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives that can irritate the skin.Basa Body Coconut Oil lotion (6 oz)
Basa Body Stick push tube (1 oz)
Mint Chocolate Truffle Soap (3 oz)
Cherry Chocolate Truffle Soap (3 oz b
These products are wonderful!
Basa Body Coconut Oil lotion contains natural antioxidants that prevent wrinkles. It is so silky smooth and yummy smelling!
Body stick was my most favorite product to use! I love that it comes in a stick and it is a push tube! It is so yummy and creamy. It is cool and soothing to my skin that gets irritated with eczema.
*The Mint Chocolate and Cherry Chocolate Truffle Soaps where truly a luxurious, natural treat! Your first instinct when you open up The Kiss Me pack is to snack on the Truffles! They are packaged in cute muffin liners.
You will truly give someone a sweet Mother's Day treat by purchasing one of these through
Basa Body: Give a luscious treat that is completely guilt-free and gives back. Nourish your Body. Nourish your Soul.
How can you help Mom It Forward and Basa Body?

1) Buying a product from Basa Body or donating $20 to The Pope Foundation (the charity that trains Kenyan women to start their own oil extraction businesses) between now and May 12 enters you to win one of three great gift cards, including a $250 Disney Gift Card, a $150 Gift Card or a $100 Target Gift Card!

Click here for more info, or visit the Basa Body site or click on the widget in my right side bar to make a donation. You can still win!

2) If you don’t have money to donate right now, check out Mom it Forward and find out more about the Kenya Fundraiser and see what you can do!


  1. Awesome review! My favorite is the mint chocolate truffle!!!!

  2. LOL Thanks! I was just going to tweet you the link! I still will!

  3. I love the sound of the Basa Body Coconut Oil lotion that contains natural antioxidants and prevents wrinkles. And it is silky smooth and yummy smelling, too! It has to be just what a girl needs.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks! It is wonderful! I feel so pampered using this! I hope you are able to get some of these products! It is for a good cause too!


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