Fan Gooseberry Patch & Enter the Contest

Gooseberry Patch is trying to reach out and find 100,000 of their fans! Old and new fans on Facebook are being asked to come fan them! Of course they are offering a huge incentive/contest for all their fans!

They are trying something new and want to share it with their fans! They are releasing their first ever download-able cookbook!  I know that some of you are saying to yourself that you do not want a download-able cookbook! I know most of you probably love holding a cookbook in your hand, flipping the pages and reading it from cover to cover!  I'm that way too but due to a natural disaster a few years back I have scaled back my cookbook collection tremendously.  I'm very picky on which ones that I buy.  After loosing all of my precious cookbooks and recipes, I got an electronic cookbook program to put in my favorite recipes.  They are stored on my laptop and my external hard drive!!  I never want to loose my most favorite recipes again. 
I have a few electronic cookbooks in my collection.  I'm loving them!  I'm very excited to get in on this Gooseberry Patch download-able cookbook!!!  Here is how you can be apart of this awesome contest:

Right now, Gooseberry Patch is at 26,605 fans on Facebook!  When they reach 30,000 all those fans will be able to download the first chapter with 25 "best melty, cheesy, creamy Macaroni & Cheese Recipes!" For every 10,000 fans on Facebook they will release another chapter up to 100,000.

If you are a fan of Gooseberry Patch then this is something for you!!!  If you are not a fan please go to Facebook and fan them ASAP!  In case you are not familiar with them I've included some links below so you can see that I am their fan and love their books!

Gooseberry Patch Celebrates National Pancake Day!
Zippy Pizza Fondue with Gooseberry Patch
Free Gooseberry Patch Cookbook and Recipes
Topsy Turvy Recipe with Gooseberry Patch
Free Gooseberry Patch Cookbook

To enter the contest just click anywhere on my blog where you see Gooseberry Patch!
While you are on Facebook put in my link and fan me on Facebook, too!  Click here, Scraps of Life.  If you have a Facebook fan page leave your link below so that I can follow you back! 


  1. Thank you SO much for sharing our contest here...we really appreciate your Gooseberry love here on your blog!

    We're with you too...while we love holding an actual book and turning the pages, there's something really convenient about a downloadable cookbook. Plus, if you really want something to hold, you can always print it out! :)

    Thanks again!

  2. You are very welcome, Gooseberry Patch!


    Forgot that link! COoking up some Literacy!


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