Kids Bedroom makeover tips

My youngest daughter is ready for a bedroom makeover! This is a task that we will gladly take on this spring for her.

Here are some important tips that we have learned over the years:

1)  It is very important to discuss a make-over budget before getting started.

2)  When redoing a room you will need to jot down a wish list of changes you want to make and then fit them into your budget.
  • kids beds
  • dresser
  • desk
  • paint
  • chair
  • rug
  • curtains
  • fun accessories
3) Search the internet and compare prices with your local stores.  Sometimes it is cheaper to buy online even with shipping charges! Some places offer free shipping. Check out resale and garage sales, too!

4) Make your plan of attack! What is your time line?

5) Use this time to donate items no longer needed in the room.  Hold a mini garage sale and get rid of toys, furniture,etc.  Use the extra money for the wishlist items for the new room!

6) Take photographs as you make the changes! It will be fun looking back at all you did!

7) Have fun with your project! Use this time to bond! Let your child participate in every step of the bedroom makeover from picking wall color to shopping for new kids beds on to planning the budget and actual painting the walls!

8) Plan a new room party when you are finished!!!  Invite family and friends over and celebrate all your hard work! We are going to use our new Skookie and have a make your own cookie party! I will be writing a review for this cool skillet very soon!  Stay tuned!

Do you have any ideas that you want to add??
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  1. I love the "new room party" idea - great post. We're in the midst of starting to think about re-doing both of our sons' rooms! Thanks!

  2. We are in the middle of doing my son's room. The party is a great idea. I think we might do that!

  3. A great set of tips...esp. to get rid of the extraneous stuff before starting.

  4. I really love the photograph in progress idea!

  5. I'm a big believer in donating items! We donate things to Deseret Industries about every 2 months. I constantly have a D.I trash bag going that I put random shirts and such in. It keeps down the clutter without wasting items!



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