Eye glass purchases online. Time for a change?

 I had a discussion with my daughter about eye balls.  They are such an interesting body part. They are slimy and squishy when you poke them through your eyelid.  They are pretty durable, too! They aren't like teeth where you have to brush them several times a day. They aren't like your hands where you have to wash them many times a day! What a wonderful creation!  It is through our eyes that we create most of our memories.  We often take our sight for granted.  Unless you are blind, you are using your eyes from the moment you wake up to the moment you close them and go to sleep.  Thank goodness for the invention of eyeglasses to get us through life when the eyesight isn't perfect. 

This led us into a discussion of prescription glasses.  We found out through The Vision Council of America (2006), that 2/3 of the U.S. population wears glasses! WOW that is an amazing statistic! I would have never guessed that it would be so high.  There must be a higher percent of people wearing eyeglasses in certain industries, the aging population and work related injuries.  In the area that we live in I'm not seeing 2/3 wearing eye glasses.  We checked with The Vision Council of America and found this breakdown:

• 64.0 percent use eyeglasses
• 19.0 percent use contact lenses some of the time
• 85.6 percent use non-prescription sunglasses
• 14.0 percent use pre-made “drugstore” reading glasses
• 12.1 percent use clips for sunglasses
• 4.4 percent use computer glasses

Talking about the eyes and  finding out that such a large percent needs glasses got us discussing  how often do you need to get your vision checked.  The eye professional told my young daughter that she should get her vision checked every other year.  She doesn't wear prescription glasses but was told to wear "readers" at her last appointment. As for me, I've been wearing glasses for at least 10 years. I use to get my vision checked when the glasses didn't seem to correct my vision anymore.  Now that I'm, older, and having to wear a progressive lens, my eye doctor told me to come in for yearly check ups. 

We found it difficult to find readers in our town so we searched glasses online.  Online offers many more options and great prices.  Now that I need yearly check ups and possible yearly prescription changes I'm thrilled to have found these online options for glasses. 

How about you? Do you wear glasses? How often do you get your vision checked? Have you ever purchased glasses online??

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