Top 10 Gifts Mom {REALLY} Wants for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just a few days away. I asked some of my mom friends what they really wanted for Mother's Day and here are the top 10 gifts requested. If you are a mom, do you agree with anything on this list? What would you add to it? Is there anything on the list you do not agree with? I'd love to know.  I've been a mom for over 19 years and do agree with the below list. We all did agree that everyday is Mother's Day because all of us are so blessed to be the mom to our children. None of us felt that we needed a "mothers day" to make us feel special. With that being said and since there is an official American holiday for us, here are our top gift giving idea! These ideas and gifts can be given to mom at anytime, not just Mother's Day! This is a sponsored post and my own personal opinions are expressed here as always on my blog. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the real moms out there. You know who you are.

Gifts for Women
Favorite gift ideas for moms by moms

Top 10 Gifts Mom {REALLY} Wants - (These aren't in any particular order)

1-Family Peace: Mom wants everyone to get along and play nice.

2-Pedicure/Manicure: Mom wants to not feel guilty to want an occasional trip to the salon to get her nails done. The guilt is from using precious family time and funds.
Verizon Sol Republic Relays Headphones
Mom wants her own headphones

3-Headphones: Mom wants a good pair of headphones and she doesn't want to share don't ask! I personally LOVE my SOL REPUBLIC Relays. If you have a mom on the go, these are perfect for active moms! For me, they fit perfectly in my ears and do not fall out when I'm at the gym. The headphones are flexible, stylish and down right cool! Best features: 3 button mic and music control, come with a small storage case, light weight and sweat/water resistant. 

Exercise headphones

4-Homemade anything: Mom really does love your homemade cards and gifts no matter what others say or think. It is the thought that counts all year long. All the moms said that they love letters and pictures given to them from their kids. These are priceless and can be pulled out and enjoyed all year long.

5-Family time: Mom loves family time and is thrilled when everyone can actually be together for eating, playing or even just relaxing and chatting. Do not cause family arguments on Mother's Day.

6-Food: Make food for mom or plan food for the day for Mom. Give her at least one day to not have to concern herself with making food or making plans. Don't ask her where to go or what she wants to eat, you should already know this information. Not sure what to make? Find a new recipe!

7-Flowers: Mom really does love flowers. If she loves fresh flowers, get them. If she would prefer potted flowers to keep all season, get them. 

8-Dishes: Do not make mom do any dishes on Mother's Day or any special day for her. Give her a break. She would also love if this daily chore was done by someone else once a week. So why not give her a gift that last all year? 

9-Hugs: Hug your mom every day, especially on Mother's Day

10-Just Ask: All moms want you to just ask what you can do to help. Even if she doesn't need your help, she just wants to know that you care and appreciate her. So just ask!

Crafts for Mom
What mom really wants!

Share your ideas below! I want to know what you really want. Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. For Mother's Day, I would really like my kids to go to church with me!

  2. For Mother's Day, I would really like my kids to go to church with me!

  3. You hit it right in the button, now to get my kids to read.


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