Giving Thanks Tips for Teenage Accomplishments

As parents we teach our kids to be thankful for all that they have received. We should also teach them to be thankful for their abilities as they set and accomplish their goals. I think that sometimes we forget to give thanks when it is focused on ourselves. Do you agree? Disagree? This is a sponsored product post with Global Influence and Tiny Prints. My own thoughts and opinions are expressed here on my blog. 

We have three teens but this post is just about one of them, Anna. She graduated homeschool high school last spring with a full load of dual college credit classes. Not only that but she also worked, volunteered, tutored, and did most of it with sheer self will power. Now, a year later, she is graduating with 2 Associate degrees (one came in December) from her local College. Anna not only is graduating but graduating with High Honors, President of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, recipient of All Illinois Academic Team honor, Scholarship recipient and headed off in the fall to finish her studies at a private college in Iowa. Yes, we are proud of Anna. 

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Besides her academic accomplishments we are proud of the way she has inspired others to succeed with their college goals. Anna is thankful for what she had done and what she can still accomplish as she heads off in the fall to a new school.

Giving Thanks Tips
  • Teach your teens to give thanks to those who have helped them accomplish their goals
  • Encourage teens to set goals and give thanks when they meet those goals
  • Encourage teens to step out of their comfort zone and do something new like join a club and take an active role as an officer
  • Teach your teens to reach out and tutor someone in one of their strong areas. This will make them even stronger in that subject
  • Dream Big! Encourage teens to explore new places on their own and be there for them if they fall
In doing these things, Anna does give thanks to those who have helped her along the way and she is thankful for her ability to accomplish great things.

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We are so proud of Anna! In less than 2 weeks she is graduating and to celebrate we ordered her a set of beautiful graduation thank you cards and graduation announcements to share with all who have helped her get as far as she has today. We love using the online service of Tiny Prints for all of our announcement needs! We are giving thanks for her and her accomplishments and thrilled that Tiny Prints came through for us and gave us high quality products to share with family and friends.

Do you have someone who is graduating this spring? Check out Tiny Prints for high quality products, huge selections, personalized service and quick delivery! We love the graduation line and especially the cards where photos could be added. We picked one that showed off Anna getting her All Illinois Academic Team medal and she was so proud of that moment that she captured it as a selfie in the bathroom! Such a typical teen photo and one to truly remember! Not only have we taught her to be thankful we live our life thankful for the gift of Anna! Don't forget to dream big and be thankful! 

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  1. This is a beautiful post, Susan. We're very proud of Anna, also!


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