Festive 4th of July Party Cupcakes and Toppers

Cupcakes are the perfect on-the-go treat for picnics and parties! I love them because they are no fuss on serving. Everyone can take one whenever they want and no cutting a cake. These patriotic cupcakes are fun for the up and coming 4th of July picnics! The cool thing about these toppers is that you can change out the ribbon and use this easy topper for any occasion.

For these particular cupcakes I did use the Bowdabra to help me create this bow. If you have ever used a Bowdabra or a Mini Bowdabra then you will know how easy it is to make the perfect bow. 

Instructions on the toppers which I used the Mini Bowdabra

1- Cut 18″ of Bowdabra Bow Wire and fold the wire in half.  Place the wire into the Mini Bowdabra. Add a 5 inch piece of ribbon into the Mini Bowdabra. Then with the navy blue ribbon I will be making an actual bow. Place 1 inch into the Mini Bowdabra 

2- Fold the ribbon at the 1″ mark to make your first loop. 

3- Fold the ribbon back over at the 1" mark to make the second loop. 

4- Then add in other matching ribbon pieces as you wish.  (see below). Scrunch down the ribbon with the Mini Bowdabra Wand. Thread the two tail ends of the wire through the loop. Pull the wire tightly.  Remove the bow from the Mini Bowdabra and knot the back. Tie the bow onto the cake pop stick. You can trim off the extra wire or wrap it around the stick for more decoration. 

ANOTHER option is to fold over ribbon on a cake pop stick and staple the ribbon together close to the stick. Very easy! We also wrapped red, white and blue ribbon wire around the cake pop sticks and the cupcake liners. Easy and festive. 
You can buy the cupcakes and then make the decorations. I prefer to make my own cupcakes and have the Best Ever Cupcake Recipe for you to try and well as our own Best Ever Butter Cream Frosting Recipe. Click over and check them out. 

Easy cupcake decorating tip. Add your frosting in a ziplock bad. Snip off a small corner and give it a whirl around the cooled off cupcake. Top off with sprinkles.

Find more 4th of July recipes here!!

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  1. Great Looking cupcakes for the 4th. Blessings, Catherine


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