{Get Social} Weekend Social Media Link Party

Are you ready to get a little social with us this weekend? We decided to change it up a bit this weekend because this is more than a link up and run event. We want to know a little bit about you and want you to take the time to follow back the host, cohost and others who have linked up. This weekend social is only as successful as you make it!

Welcome to another week of the Weekend Social, we're gonna change it up a bit. Thanks again for my lovely co-host ladies, you gals rock! Link up & meet new friends :)


Don't forget to follow our hosts & co-hosts for their answers :)

Simply copy these questions to your blog, answer them & snag the button at the bottom. ?Then drop your link to your blog post in the linkup :)

This week's questions: 3 Things...

3 things you love about summer time
3 things you have in your purse currently
3 things you don't leave the house without
3 things you look forward to this summer

Here are my answers

3 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT SUMMERTIME: Relaxed pace, Busy doing outdoor things and outdoor grilling.

3 THINGS YOU HAVE IN YOUR PURSE CURRENTLY: Hand sanitizer, toothpicks and hair ties

3 THINGS YOU DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT: Water bottle, protein snack, cellphone

3 THINGS YOU LOOK FORWARD TO THIS SUMMER: Planning daughters wedding Labor Day weekend, Planning Bridal Shower next month and exercising outdoors more.


  1. Good morning! Thank you for link up, most appreciated! Happy weekend :D

  2. I can't wait to start exercising outside more. If only it would stop raining long enough to do that.


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