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Who inspires you to be a better woman? I have had a lot of role models in my life so this question wasn't easy for me to answer. Just as I wanted to share this post about how to win a trip to New York City I encountered a young teen who truly inspires me to be the best woman and mom that I can be! This person is my youngest teen, Emily. This is a sponsored post through Global Influence but my own opinions are expressed here. 

New York City

This spring I took on a challenge to run one mile a day for 40 days. I've been living a healthier lifestyle for 2 years now which includes going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Since February, Emily has been going to the gym with me. She is very enthusiastic and loves working out. She inspires me to go and be the best that I can be even on days when I do not feel like going. 

To top off her inspiration, I was at the gym on Day 26th of my run streak running on the treadmill. I accidentally wore the wrong workout pants which were way too big for me. For 1/4 of a mile I had to concentrate on running the treadmill while holding and pulling up my pants. It wasn't pretty and I was so irritated that I got off the treadmill. When I found my daughter she said she could help. She ran out to the car to find something to fix my pants. She came back in with a chip clip! The 15 year old teen did some fancy work at the back of my pants and I was able to finish my day 26 run streak. I got back on that treadmill and finished my mile for Emily. She truly inspires me and believes in my goals so much that she removed a barrier! I'm sure the pants were not very pretty in the back or fashionable but they made me feel beautiful! Thank you Emily. 
Healthier Lifestyle tips
Chip Clip Fix and teen doing pulls ups! 

How does this tie in with a trip to New York City? Dove and Family Dollar want to know how you value real beauty. You can enter to win a trip to NYC by snapping a photo or a video of yourself with an inspiring woman in your family. Share this with the hashtag #FDBeautyIs in your caption on Twitter and/or Instagram. It is that easy to enter this contest.

Family Dollar and Dove want you to show off your real beauty! 

Entering is easy, here’s how:

Step 1: Snap a picture of you and an inspiring family member

Step 2: Upload that picture to Twitter or Instagram

Step 4: Post your picture URL for an extra entry each day

Instant DEAL for everyone!

Then go in-store to save $2 instantly when you buy any 2 participating Dove items at Family Dollar. Offer available from 5/29–6/26.

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