Summer Treats Don't Wait for the Truck #IceCreamRun

Back in the 1970s and 1980s I remember summer childhood including ice cream trucks. How about you? That iconic truck and music was always the signal to run in the house and get change to grab a quick summer treat. It was easy to treat yourself when the truck came right in front of your home. Now days it is extremely rare to hear that sound or see that truck unless it is in a movie. If my kids waited for an ice cream treat to come to the door by said truck they would never get a treat on hot summer nights! When was the last time an ice cream truck came through your neighborhood?

Thanks to this sponsored post by Global Influence I was able to make an ice cream run for my girls this summer. Even though it is sponsored my own thoughts and opinions are expressed here! I totally surprised them with treats! I had to run errands in a neighboring town and when I came home I had boxes of ice cream treats. I felt like the modern day ice cream truck when I walked in with the goodies! Here are a few photos of my quick shopping trip to Walgreen!

Can you say Klondike, Magnum, Fruttare and Breyers?! I was not sure what to get the teens so I grabbed one of each!!! 
Breyers is one of my hubby's favorite ice creams! Yes I had to get something for him on the #IceCreamRun

We had an ice cream party as soon as I got home from Walgreens. In no time everyone was picking out their favorite summer treat and eating it. We had a few extra ice cream treats left over which were hidden away in the freezer and easy to grab for their next craving.

It was so convenient to make this ice cream run for the teens. I do wish at times that we still had ice cream trucks going through the neighborhood but that would mean that they would have to wait around for a treat. All my teens have to do is open the freezer!

Which of these Unilever brand ice cream treats are your family favorites:  Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, or Popsicle? Make an ice cream run today! 

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