Loaded Sweet Potato Slices

Who loves sweet potatoes? I know that I do not cook with them nearly as much as I should. Only a few people in my family love them as much as do so I forget about all the sweet potato recipes that I have. Now I have yet another recipe to add to my to-do list! Thanks to my sweet friend Vicki, I now need to make these loaded sweet potato slices. I have a feeling everyone in the family will love these because they are truly loaded! How do you like your sweet potatoes? 

Loaded Sweet Potato Slices


Sweet Potatoes
Olive Oil
Cooked crumbled bacon
Green onions
Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt


1-Slice sweet potato into half inch slices.
2-Spray with olive oil and lightly salt.
3-Bake at 400 F oven for approximately 30 mins until cooked thru.
4-Then place whatever cheese you like on top. I did Pepper Jack and Colby Jack.
5-Crumble cooked bacon (turkey or pork) then place in oven until cheese has melted.
6-Sprinkled diced green onions on top and a dab of sour cream or plain Greek yogurt.
7-You can make these as healthy as you want!!! 

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  1. Did you bake those on a pizza stone?

  2. Yes, Kay! You don't have to though... any baking sheet will do.

  3. Thanks! The pizza stone is a great idea. I have two and would not have thought of that for this recipe.


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