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I'm a mom of 3 creative teen girls. They have done a lot of projects over the years which led to one of my blogs most popular post, 50 Summer Activities for Teens and Tweens. Part of that post is serious which includes links to fun projects whereas the post is also a little snarky I do admit. I believe several times in that top 50 I included eating and sleeping. I can do that because I have teens and I know that they sometimes eat and sleep like it is a summer hobby. I haven't blog a lot of their projects but I do know that besides eating and sleeping that they love to be creative. How about your teens?

Sunglass Case ... Case for Glasses

Sometimes teens need direction and one way is with the Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects book which I'm sharing with you today. This book is part of the Zest Books Summer Bloggin Tour along with The Green Teen Cookbook.  These books are perfect for teens and tweens because they give clear guidance on how to cook and to create. I'm thrilled to participate in the tour and was given the books to share whatever I wish. My own opinions are shared here on my blog as always.

Book: Sticky Fingers DIY Duct Tape Projects by Sophie Maletsky is a perfect craft book for any age and any craft level but geared toward teens. As a mom, I love the clear and easy to follow step-by-step approach for each project which gives the crafter total independence with their craft project. Everything is given to get that project created included clear photos. The book is well written for those who need clear, written out instructions. On the flip side, the photos are perfect for visual learners and crafters. They are the ones that need to see it done before doing it! 

Fun Duct Tape Fact: Duct tape is a $150 million a year industry in the United States, and has grown 18-20% per year since 2007. 

Provided Book Description

Any crafter from novice to expert (of all ages), will enjoy these 70+ fresh duct tape project ideas from the fully illustrated guide, Sticky Fingers DIY Duct Tape Projects (Zest Books; ISBN 978-1-936976-54-6; $16.99 PB), by Sophie Maletsky. Making everything from cell phone holders to room dividers, backpacks, jewelry, bags, wallets and more! 

Author Sophie Maletsky is a Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick award winner, a certified teacher on curious.com, and a duct tape expert. An award-winning children’s event planner, craft and kid expert, her website, Sophie's World (sophie-world.com), features thousands of ideas, how-to's and videos for crafts, games, and activities. Known as the “premier authority on duct tape crafting in the United States,” she lives and creates in San Francisco, California. 

Sticky Fingers is essentially a step-by-step by step guide for realizing one’s potential as a duct tape crafter.  Beginning with the basics of brands and types of tapes, through essential techniques, and on to detailed projects for home, for school and to wear, this book gives the reader everything they need to know to create fantastic-looking duct tape projects. Having worked with duct tape crafters for many years, Sophie has developed a teaching method—applied in this book—that makes even the most complicated projects doable. Sticky Fingers provides the reader with the building blocks – all that’s needed is imagination! 

 This really is the perfect craft book for teens. Here are the chapters and some of the creative and fashion forward projects. This book will allow the teen to craft for themselves and give them a chance to make gifts for others. My teens have made my husband and I several duct tape gifts over the years. It is amazing how those simple created gifts are some of the most practical and well used items here in our home. 

Breakdown of Chapters and a few favorite projects in that chapter

Chapter 1: Tools of the trade - Awesome chapter that even taught me a few things about all the different tapes available! It also explains other things which are needed and which ones not to use! This is proof that the author did all of her research on duct tape crafting.

Chapter 2: Your Workstation- I'm in love with this chapter because it lays out how to keep your workstation organized and um....supplies all together in one area. This chapter is worth the price of the book alone! I hope it inspires teens to do the same with their makeup, clothes, school supplies, etc!

Chapter 3: The BasicsBest ever chapter on the basic building blocks of crafting with duct tape. Easily explained steps and used as a reference throughout the entire book. These skills will allow them to easily recreate the projects and give them a chance to create others not even in the book.

Chapter 4: Quick Crafts- Bow, Rosette, Layered Flower and Ruffles

Chapter 5: Wallets- Simple Clutch Wallet, Checkbook Keeper and Trifold Wallet with ID Holder

Chapter 6: Purses, Bags, and Cases- Cupcake purse, Makeup Case, Sunglasses Case, Smartphone Case, Messenger Bag and Tablet Case - I might add this is my favorite chapter as it is full of practical projects for every day items which teens need! These are all perfect projects to make as gifts! 

Chapter 7: Wearable Duct Tape- Lanyard, Headband, Simple Ring, Spike Rose Ring, Choker, Tie, Belt

Chapter 8: At School-Luggage Tag, Locker Organizer, Altoid Tin First Aid Kit, Lunch Band and yes, Backpack

Chapter 9: In Your Room- Desk Organizer, Dry Erase Board, Jewelry Stand, Earring Tree, Woven Basket

Chapter 10: Every Last Bit of the Roll- Love this on Using the End Tape and Using the Center of the Roll. 

Stay tune for future duct tape project here on my blog from my teens!

teen crafts

ABOUT ZEST BOOKS: Zest Books is an award-winning publisher of smart and edgy titles for young and new adults that cover timely topics in creative ways by incorporating solid life advice, practical how-to instruction, and humorous commentary. Distributed by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, you can learn more about Zest Books.

Sunglasses Case

The case is made from felt backed duct tape fabric to keep your sunglasses or glasses from getting scratched. The colorful case can "help" you know where your sunglasses are at all times! ha! 


1- Place the sunglasses down on the piece of felt and mark a rectangle around them that is 3 times longer and 1 inch wider than the sunglasses. Cut out the rectangle.

2-Cover one side of the felt with duct tape. The tape should overhang each side of the felt by about 1 inch. Fold the overhanging tape on the short ends back onto the felt.

3- Measure the length of the sunglasses plus 1/2 inch from one of the ends of the felt and mark it. Cover the opposite end with a 2 inch strip of duct tape to make the flap. 

4-Fold the case in half at the point you just marked The top edge should meet the bottom edge of the flap. If not, add another strip of tape so that the 2 edges meet. The sticky pieces of tape along the sides will stick together, forming a pouch. Trim away the excess tape, being careful not to cut into the felt. Trim the flap into the desired shape. 

5-Reinforce the side seams of the case with 1 inch strips of duct tape.

6-Attach a small square of the sticky backed Velcro to the closure flap and press it onto the case to secure it in place. 

This book is a definite winner for teens and young adults and would make a great gift for any occasion. 

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  1. I learned that the cookbook would be perfect for any tween -boy or girl- all the way through college age. The cookbook has 70+ recipes.

  2. I learned that the Duct Tape book Sticky Fingers has numerous projects for teens to make that are fun and creative.

  3. I am a new Pinterest follower: http://www.pinterest.com/minibea12/!

  4. I learned from The Green Team Cookbook site that the book has illuminating essays about freeganism, flexitarians, vegetarianism, and more

  5. I learned from the Sticky fingers site that each project includes icons showing difficulty level and project time, as well as helpful hints.

  6. I would like to give the cookbook to my grand kids.

  7. I would like to give the cookbook to my grand kids.


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