The World's Most Expensive Food

Who is in for some really expensive food? For me, buying a roast is expensive! One of the below items is probably my life time grocery budget!! Some of the food does sound tasty but I'm not sure if the money would be worth it. These food items have to be for those with more money then they know what to do with. Just think about the chefs who prepare such food. They have to buy the ingredients! WOW and totally amazing.

If money wasn't an issue, which of the most expensive food items would you eat, first? Which one would you never eat?

What if you decided to eat only the most expensive dishes all day long. Would you try an exquisite Anqui Pho soup in Santa Monica? Or maybe a $1000 salad by a celebrity chef Raymond Blanc? We did a fun experiment and compared the prices for various most expensive dishes in the world.

Caviar in 24-Karat tins, sushi wrapped in 24-Karat gold leaves, truffle salad, and ‘bacon bling’ -- these are just some of the outrageously expensive meals you can encounter in the culinary world. We’ve gathered them all in an awesome infographic:

The infographic will help you answer these questions:
  • What was so delicious that it sold for $330,000 at an auction?
  • What’s the most expensive spice in the world?
  • How much can a slice of 1937 royal wedding cake cost? A lot!

Eat the World’s Most Expensive Foods in One Day!—It’s a truly opulent culinary experience This one-day feast costs more than what you’ll earn in a year Did you know? 

  • Saffron, the most expensive spice: $2,000 per pound. It comes from the dried, reddish-orange filaments of the saffron crocus flower (Crocus sativus), which grows in Iran, Turkey, Greece, India, Morocco and Spain. A pound of saffron consists of 75,000 filaments, which are harvested only from dawn to 10 AM. 
  • A blend of 8 cocoas including 14 of the world’s most expensive varieties with 5 g of edible 23 karat gold and served in a golden goblet lined with 1-karat white diamonds and a gold spoon, which can be taken home. 
  • Truffles is a favorite luxurious ingredient. Up to $3,000 per kilo, truffles can only be located with the aid of trained dogs because they grow about a foot underground and only near specific trees. Supply is rare and unpredictable. In 2007, casino tycoon Stanley Ho won a Hong Kong auction for a white Alba truffle from Tuscany for $330,000.
Why Do You Think Luxury Meals Fascinate Some People?

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Guest article shared with permission by FinancesOnline

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