Get Control of the Hair Tangles and earn Family Perks with $50 Walmart Giveaway

My girls grew up with Suave Kids detangling spray. It was used daily and sometimes twice a day on my twins because they had super curly natural hair. My other daughter had super straight hair but it was real thick and tangled ALL.THE.TIME. Right now we do not have detangling spray at home because they are 16 years old and up but use so many of their other products. Suave is part of our family. 

How about your family? What are your family favorite Suave products? Do you have any favorite products that save the day like their detangling spray? This is a sponsored post thanks to Global Influence. My own thoughts and opinions are shared here, as always.

Since we use and love Suave and their quality family products we also use their Suave Family Perks program. We scan our Walmart receipts and earn perks from Suave. These perks are redeemable for $5 Walmart gift cards. Let me tell you, that adds up when your family uses Suave Kids products, Suave Mens 2-in1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Suave Naturals Body Lotion, along with all of their great smelling Soaps and Shampoos. Our entire family is covered with Suave and that means family perks with Walmart's everyday low prices. What can be better than that? 

There actually is something better to go along with the Family Perks with Suave right now. It involves the below sweepstakes which enters you to win a $50 Walmart giftcard through this giveaway! See things can get better! With the below $50 you could buy even more Suave products and get more perks back! Win win for your family! 

Don't forget to get rewarded for buying products you love! Sign up right now for the Suave Family Rewards at Suave Family Perks! Every time you buy those products at Walmart you will earn points that will add up to redeemable Walmart gift cards!

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