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You must go check out! Today was my first stop and not my last! They have super tips, bargain ideas, recipes,etc.

I admit that I'm not a can food buyer. I will get can corn when I'm making a few soups. That is the only vegetable that I buy canned besides tomato products. I never buy fruit in a can. So today while surfing around Mealtime I discovered their Essential Kitchen Toolkit: Back to basics guidelines for preparing convenient, nutritious meals.

I read that canned food is picked at its prime and canned for the most nutrition and flavor quality. I already knew that canned goods were cheaper than fresh or frozen but honestly I didn't realize that they were that nutritious.

With fall and winter approaching us quickly I am going to make a plan to stock up on canned goods. I've been married for 16 years and have never done this. I'm looking forward in saving some money and using products that were made to be high in quality and nutritious for my family. Shame on me for not doing this sooner.

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