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I remember traveling as a kid! I would have the map in hand looking at all the little towns, rivers, etc. When we travel with our kids they do the same thing. Their experience really is more educational because their dad loves maps! He has taught them the ins and outs of map reading. Shhh don't tell him but I've learned a few things too!!!! I have found though that the map lookin' fun only last so long.

Just a few weeks ago on our summer jaunt, my youngest took 3 new activities from Rand McNally with her on the trip! Thanks to Rand McNally through The Product Review Place these activities were given to us to try out for our trip!

Rand McNally just introduced a series of innovative games and activities to keep kids entertained and families connected in the car. The Boredom Breakers™ line is designed to bring families together, encouraging conversation, laughter and fun making the miles fly by for moms and kids on the go.

Here are the activities Emily and I tried. We
don't have pictures because I was driving.
Rand McNally states this about Car Karaoke: Mom can sing lead and kids are back-up vocals. Just pop in the CD with 12 classic rock, pop, and kid favorite songs. Includes everything needed to be a rockstar: an inflatable microphone, rating cards, and three lyric books. Choose from favorites like “Build Me Up Buttercup” or “Twist and Shout,” to see who’s got the pipes in the family. Earplugs not included!

THIS WAS FUN because she inflated the
microphone and I held it and sang "TWIST and SHOUT" while I drove. She was embarrassed that I did this but I didn't care because it was CAR KARAOKE!!! I love the microphone and plan on using it for school too!
Rand McNally states this about the Magnet Message Makers: Magnet Message Makers is a mess-free way to get the kids and the car ready for the road . It includes two reusable and removable magnets that will not harm your vehicle and five sheets of removable stickers for decorating the magnets. “Florida or Bust!”

EMILY is very creative. She loves stickers! She whipped this one out of the package while I was singing some tunes on the Car Karaoke. I was a bad mom and would hit her with the inflatable microphone. So just be aware that it can be used to bonk someone in the head.
Anyhow she loved the
Magnet Message Maker. She used the green license plate magnetic and spelled out Kentucky and Nana & Papa. That is where we were headed! She added other fun stickers that were included as well. She did have to take off one and it stuck right back on and never came off. We had to make a stop to put the magnetic on the back of the car! I really didn't think it would stay on! Well it survived the trip and a week later it is still on the car!

Here is the scoop by Rand McNally on the Story Starters: Packed with 72 minutes of funny stories, mysteries and games, this interactive CD will be an instant road trip hit. Story Starters combines the best of classic radio-style drama and audio effects to get families telling stories together. Hearing is truly believing!

Dear child was tired of me singing and slipped in the Story Starter CD. She loved the characters in the stories! Emily is all about mystery so this was by far her favorite. She only got through 4 stories. So we still have more fun to go on this one too!

The other two Boredom Breakers are
Car Game Countdown and Travel Card Games. We will check into these before our next trip!! Best things is we still have more fun to explore on the other 3!

I loved it that there weren't any small pieces to get lost on the floor. Best thing ever though which allows me to give these games 2 thumbs up, a twist and a shake is the fact that the hard plastic package was super easy to open up! No scissors or axes required! Easy perforated tabs in the back!!! Thank you Rand McNally! About time someone got it right!

So if you are headed out of town for the long weekend I suggest you grab a few of these! Someone said that they saw these at a book store in town. You can also order them at Rand McNally and Amazon!

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