Zune is music to my ears

I was recently introduced to Zune by The Online Mom. I was thrilled to get this cute little red 8 gig music machine to review!
Isn't it pretty?

Yes I love bright, shiny gadgets!
It was very quick & easy to install the software on my computer. The Zune Microsoft software quickly gathered the music already on my computer and added it into the Zune data base. It will also grab photos, videos and podcast too! Thank you Microsoft!

I received a 2 week free trial to Zune subscription! I figured out that that was just enough time to get me addicted! I could listen and download tracks, albums and create playlist. I created a lot of playlist. I now have my classical, 80s, Disco, Christmas, Harry Connick, Jr., Disney,etc all set as needed!I love listening to the FM radio! It allows you to tag a song and then later you can download that song into your collection!!!

I really freaked out with the link into wireless networks! This allows you to surf the millions and millions of Zune tunes without being on your computer! One day I was in the parking lot near a Quiznos! They offer free wireless. I was able to get on and surf for new tunes! You add songs to your cart and then when you are back on your computer you can sync the songs from your Zune to your computer!I was impressed with the resolution to view pictures, videos, album covers,etc. This lil' 8 gig holds up to 2,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or up to 25 hours of video! Very impressive. Who needs a wallet full of pictures of your kids and grand kids when you have a Zune!!! Very cool and up to date with the digital times!

The only weird function of the lil' machine is the volume control. You control it by lightly touching the touch pad up or down. It takes a few uses to get the hang of it but once you do it is smooth sailing!
I have two cautions that I have discovered:

#1- Zune will give you people as a recommendation based on your music preference and their music preference. You can add them as a friend and listen to their music too. So keep an eye on that and do with it as you wish. You can talk to them via messages on Zune.

#2- Your child will have access to millions and millions of songs. You can block the wireless from the Zune player which will not allow them to search tunes away from the computer if you wish. For my daughters' they know that if we do not know the band they need to have us listen to the music. I've never rejected any bands that they have brought to us. A few times we have asked "why do you want to listen to that?".We do not have any music in our own personal music collection that we wouldn't want our children to listen to. I love that you can have unlimited access to all of this music with a Zune Subscription. I look back to our CD collection and wonder why we have certain CD's. Some music will come and go. With Zune you can pick your music as your taste changes.

Keep checking back at The Online Mom. The site is up-to-date with current technology! Follow her on Twitter. She has tweet chats every Wednesday night using the hashtag #theonlinemom. You can also Fan her on Facebook! She has a newsletter that you can sign up for on her website! Check out my blog post "The Online Mom-Momma's Little Helper" from a few weeks ago too!

As with everything in this time of technology, parents need to be the eyes, ears and voice of reason for their children. You can't do it alone! So take advantage of resources like The Online Mom to help you see your options!

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