Make your Lunchnote promise and Sitewarming Party!

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Thanks to Lunchables and their Lunch note promise campaign a lot of children will be getting fun lunch notes from their parents this week! They ask that you go to their site LunchNotePromise and pledge to put a note of encouragement,etc in your child's lunch this week.

In turn, their promise is to donate a meal to a child and their family in need through Feeding America. According to their site "Feeding American is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity, which serves an estimated nine million children annually. The goal is to turn up to 100,000 promises from moms like you into up to 100,000 meals from Lunchables Lunch Combinations for kids in need."

When my daughters were younger and went out for school this is something I would do for them! One time I found a stack of the notes where they had saved their notes! Now that we are homeschooled I don't do lunch notes because we are all home together for lunch. My pledge is to do something special for 3 weeks on one lunch day (I have 3 girls so we can all share in the special treat). Thanks for this reminder!
Amy at Resourceful Mommy is having a huge Site Warming Party for Lunchable this Friday, Sepember 11th from 9-10pm EST.

We will be tweeting with the hashtag #Lunchables!

Of course you will come and learn a lot and even have a chance to win a prize!!

Go to ResourcefulMommy to RSVP and get all the juicy details!!


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