PAAS Easter egg decorating kits

Easter always means PAAS Easter Egg decorating kits in our household. How about yours?

My 12 year old learned "How to Boil an egg" this year.  She already knew "how" to boil an egg from watching & helping me in the kitchen but I wanted her to actually know how to do it on her own.  I opened up Joy of Cooking and had her read all about boiling an egg.
She boiled her eggs and then decorated them using the PAAS Egg decorating kits.  They are so easy to use and you don't need hot water or vinegar to dye them.   We found out that they had a lot of new kits this Easter Season.  The kits come in a wide variety of "creativity levels."  If you want simple, they have simple. If you want a kit with paint and glitter, well they have that one, too!

Here are the three that we used:
 Pirate Princess: Packed with 90 stickers, color tablets, egg stands and more, this kit will inspire little pirates and princesses to dress up eggs with buried treasure, skulls and crossbones, tall ships and more.
Fun Eggspressions: A great way to unleash creativity and “egg-spress” the artist within, this kit contains sand for color and texture, paint, stickers and more.
Easter Traditions: Featuring some of our classic designs, this kit includes the traditional symbols of the Easter season.

Here are some of the cool creations!  These are some tasty eggs! 
The PAAS Kits are available at major grocery, drug store and mass merchandiser chains nationwide with a suggested retail price of $2.99.  Go find some fun and do a little Kitchen 101 with your kids!

Do you have any Easter ideas, recipes, photos, etc on your blog?  Link up and we can come see what you are doing.  If you can, link back to my blog post so others can get ideas, too!  Thanks you! Hoppy Easter :)

These kits were provided for us to review. It in no way reflects our opinions expressed here!  We love these kits and use them every year.

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