#EasterBunny Photo Blog HOP & Giveaway Hop on over and enter to #win

(OVER) Hi blogger friends!  I'm hosting an Easter Bunny Photo Blog HOP Contest.  This is so easy! All you have to do is post a picture of any Easter bunny on your blog, add your name to the link below and link your post back to this contest post!!!! You can take the photo or find one on the internet!  *IF YOU already have a bunny posted on your blog, link up that post!!  It can be off food, toys, etc...anything bunny!
 THAT SIMPLE!  For everyone who does those 3 things I will be picking three winners!!
Each sponsored gift basket will be worth $25!!! (now that is sweet)
First winner with the CUTEST Bunny will get an Easter Basket of Candy and Books! 
Second Winner with the MOST UNIQUE Bunny will get an Easter Basket of Candy and CD's. 
Third and final Winner with SCARIEST Bunny will get an Easter Basket of Candy and Toys!
 Why am I doing this? Because I was out shopping with my daughter and we couldn't help comment on every single bunny we saw this year (she is 16.)  We saw TEXTER chocolate bunny and just knew that this needed to be a Contest! I know it is crazy but I HOP you join in the fun :)
Ends 4/24 USA/Canada.  The winners will be picked by my expert Chicks.
RULES again:
Do a quick blog post with a picture of an Easter Bunny.  I'm looking for Cutest, Most Unique and Scariest!
LINK up in the below linky to your blog post
Make sure you include a link back to the contest on your post!


  1. I think I did it wrong if you want erase my one I am going to try again so sorry.

  2. I have another one I rather do I JUST found today please let me know if I can repost please. Sorry but this one is AWESOME!!!! lol
    vanessalbrooks @

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I now follow you via GFC

  4. I don't have any easter pictures... but I am following you.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What a funny idea! I don't have a picture, but I want to see all of these linked up :)
    Stopped over from Fab Friends Friday, have a good one!

  6. great contest! I hope I win ;) I have two pics of a bunny so go with the weird looking brown bunny the kids are posing with... It creeps me out he is brown so - scary bunny?

  7. This is a fun idea - thanks for coming up with it. I have the pic in mind, now I just need to grab the camera, snap it, and post it in the next few days...

  8. Thanks for hosting great idea I posted the info on my blog page odd though I can't submit my link don't know why...You are there on my blog though linking you back to your giveaway...Good luck and have a fun day..Sincerely Rachel

  9. I'm following you from the Welcome to the Weekend Blog Hop. I'd love for you to check out my site and follow back

  10. I'll have to bring a photo home from work for this. I manage the Easter bunny photo set in my local mall. I'm a new follower from the weekend blog hop!


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  12. Very cute giveaway! Have a great day!
    I'm a new follower on Networked Blogs and Twitter @StyleDecor

  13. Hi #18 is my entry and I used my facebook picture and posted on my wall about your giveaway as I do not have a blog. I messed up and #17 was my entry but I did it wrong. Sorry. Thank you this was fun. Lan

  14. My FB friend sent me! So cute and I don't have a blog but I wanted to play, too. I friended you on Facebook, ok? Im #19. Thank you. Dannie

  15. Thank you to all who participated in the photo bunny contest! It was an easy contest and I'm so happy you all played along!
    Stay tuned because I'm going to have another photo contest soon! I love how you all blogged your photo and I even allowed for those to change their facebook photo and link up to my blog.

    My expert Chicks picked the winners.

    The winner for the Cutest Bunny Photo was Dannie and her Facebook photo of HOP. The chicks LOVED the movie HOP and think that HOP is so cute!

    The winner of the MOST UNIQUE was which is the MOST UNIQUE bunny picked by the Chicks! Very funny.

    The winner of the Scariest Bunny was Landry who posted it on her Facebook page. It truly was scary and I can't imagine a little kid not being scared of that bunny.

    THANKS for playing and keep checking back for more! Susie and the Chicks!

  16. Did the baskets ship yet? My daughter, the chocaholic, was just wondering.



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