Lassoed by a Cowboy's Love book review

 A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)
Lassoed by a Cowboy’s Love
Denise Hunter explores whether the truth can really set us free.

Do the secrets from our past affect who we become in the future?  Can the hurts we’ve experienced really prevent us from finding true fulfillment?  In her newest novel, A Cowboy’s Touch, award-winning author Denise Hunter will explore these questions, and readers will discover that “the truth really can set us free.” 

Abigail Jones has a secret—a secret from her childhood.  This secret has shaped who she has grown to be—an investigative reporter known as “the Truthseeker” at Viewpointe Magazine in Chicago.  With her blood pressure out of control, the editor, who happens to be her mother, sends her on a three-month sabbatical to check on her great aunt in Moose Creek, Montana. 

Wade Ryan may have been voted as the “Sexiest Man Alive,” but he has sworn off women forever.  Four years earlier, the rodeo celebrity gave up his identity to protect his daughter Maddy.  Now he is safely settled on a ranch in Big Sky Country, living in obscurity with his heart guarded by a high, thick fence.  But when Wade’s summer nanny quits without notice, he agrees to let his neighbor’s visiting niece help care for his daughter.  As he begins to feel an attraction to his new hire, Wade starts to question his wisdom in hiring her.  Can he really trust himself with another woman and learn to love again? 

Abigail was bored anyway, so no harm in helping out a neighbor.  But her new charge is growing on her, to say nothing of her ruggedly handsome boss.  Abigail may be mesmerized by Wade’s denim blue eyes, but can she really trust him?  She is the truthseeker, after all, so shouldn’t she be able to stay objective and discover the truth about Wade?  But what if she is missing the truth altogether?  What if her past mistakes prevent her from finding the love of her future?  Or, perhaps her relationship with Christ could give her the answers she is seeking.  But “instead of pursuing Him, she’d been pursuing her career.  Chasing story after story as if finding the next truth would somehow scratch an itch that never went away,” she thought.

Hunter’s latest novel will hold you breathless.  As the first book in the Big Sky Romance series, A Cowboy’s Touch is the story about a truthseeker who ends up discovering the real truth and a cowboy who learns to let go of his past.  Hunter shines as she draws her readers into an intriguing world of boots, chaps and cowboy hats.  This heartwarming romance is a story of love, pain and forgiveness.  It has also been named a Women of Faith novel for 2011.
Scraps of Life Book Club Review: 
What a lovely book!  I'm a HUGE fan of Christian Romance novel especially the books published through Thomas Nelson Publishers.  This book is in the "Women of Faith" series which works to share the message of hope and grace with millions of women across the country.

I could not put this book down.  I read it from cover to cover.  Speaking of the cover, it is beautiful! The story leads Abigail into a love adventure of big sky country in Moose Creek, Montana.  Abigail was sent from hustle and bustle of big city Chicago to check on her Aunt and to rest in the middle-of-nowhere Montana.  The writing was descriptive and the characters were very believable.  I feel in love with Abigail, Aunt Lucy, Maddy and hunky "Sexiest Man Alive," Wade.  

Abigail has brought with her a deep down pain and suffering that she is not admitting and for the most part, unaware of.  She meets up with Wade & Maddy who also have deep down pain and suffering.  All three find a glimpse of hope and love in each other that is shown daily.  All three are longing for love, acceptance and forgiveness.   I love the gradual summer romance that was built up between Abigail & Wade.  Love build up joy & hope for all three and then their world crashes back in on them. 

We read and experience pain which in the long run makes everyone involved a better person.  Their love is tested, the pain is dark and hurtful but it doesn't last.  Healing happens, love and hot kisses are restored and, yes, good things happen!  This book is a true example of christian romance and I loved it.  It was very predictable at the beginning that Abigail & Wade were headed into weeks and weeks of romance but the twist and turns were not so predicable!

I'm a HUGE fan of books with Reading group guides.  Thank you, Denise Hunter for including this in your book!
                                                 A Cowboy’s Touch by Denise Hunter
Thomas Nelson/March 29, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59554-801-6/320 pages/paperback/$14.99

Thanks to B&B Media for proving a review copy for me in exchange for my participation in their Book Tour! This in no way affected the Scraps of Life Book Club words and opinions. All words expressed here are our own tasty words! Read it for yourself to form your own opinions! Yee haw! 

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