Give the Gift of a Great Future Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Are you familiar with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA)? This year marks their 2nd annual BGCA Give the Gift of a Great Future Holiday Campaign. 
Stop over and check out the BGCA website to learn more about their annual Give the Gift of a Great Future Holiday Campaign. I'm curious as to how many of you are familiar with BGCA and to what extent. Unfortunately we do not have a local club to support. I use my blog, though, to share information about the BGCA and support them via their online website. I hope that you find this information useful.

Right now you can log into BGCA and participate in their Give the Gift of a Great Future Holiday Campaign. You can play the free Giving Game to easily donate a gift to a club this season. I played and won! My win gave $1 to the Club Membership Fund. Let me know what you win!
Along with this game, you can vote in the Kids Give Back photo contest. The winning photo/club will get $2,500 for their club! Very cool!

As a parent, I know the importance of teaching kids the value of giving to others. BGCA created a list of tips to give new ideas on teaching this to our kids. I love the list because there are a lot of tips on there that can be done as a family. 

  • Tip #1 is about talking to your kids about giving. Over the years, we have learned to involved our daughters in decision making choices such as this one. Including kids in this process will teach them to be givers today and in the future. 
  • Tip #5 encourages you to teach your kids to do something fun- like cooking or an art project for those around them. Kids love to create projects. This is a great way to help them focus their creativity and talents to a specific project or need. 
  • TIP #9 It's o.k. to offer incentives to your kids if you are asking them to do extra and help with a cause. I'm not sure I totally agree with this tip but in some cases like a long term project I can see it being beneficial to the older kids. What do you think?
Do you have any tips to share on teaching the value of giving to others? I'd love to hear your ideas, too! 

Follow any of the above links for this one at the BGCA website to get more info on their holiday campaign and to participate in their online giving.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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