National Oreo Day Recipes

Celebrate National Oreo Day with all the other Oreo Cookie fans around the world! Here are a few recipes and an Oreo craft idea for you to try on this tasty day!
National Oreo Day
Celebrate National OREO day with these tasty recipes!

1-Higher Things Vacation Bible School (VBS) Day1 Oreo Snack Craft- When you click to go to this page, scroll down and you will see, "A complete preview of all the material for Day 1." Click that to get this Oreo craft idea!

2- Oreo Ice Cream Cake- I made this for my daughter's #13 birthday last year.

3- Amish Friendship Bread Oreo and Cream Muffins and Oreo Bread- Delish creations if I say so myself! My kids love the oreo muffins more than the bread but they will eat either one.

So how do you enjoy your Oreos? If you have any recipes, please share them below!

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