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This week on 52 Weeks of Inspiration, I'm featuring fitness rock star Jibby Bond,Professional Trainer and founder of Abs For Days. Her interview is full of health and fitness inspiration with tips on living a healthier lifestyle.
Enjoy this interview from Fitness Rock Star, Jibby! I met Jibby on LifeKraze (Let me know if you want an invite to LifeKraze) and have joined her two April Fitness Challenges- Abs and #300,000Steps.
Have you gone through a weight loss? If so, what is up with your weight loss? How much have you "released" lol? What inspired you to do this?
I have always had an issue with my eating habits. Getting into health and fitness has really helped me understand the importance of eating healthy balanced meals every day. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, most of the changes will come from the kitchen! 
Please share some tips for those who are struggling with weight loss.

If you are struggling with weight loss, there are a few things that you can try to see some changes. 
  • Change your diet, really use the Food Pyramid to plan your meals. 
  • Make a WEEKLY MEAL PLAN, shop once a week for it, and stick to it! 
  • Add exercise to your mornings (take the dog for a walk, walk around the block, walk to go get coffee, walk the kids to school, bike to work, etc). 
  • Change your daily routine to INCLUDE exercise. PLAN IT! 
  • Snack on HEALTHY things. 
  • Cook new foods. 
  • Find new fun recipes. 
  • Keep a food diary. 
  • Turn the tv off! 
  • DONT BE HARD ON YOURSELF. Sometimes the answers are right in front of us! 
  • Enjoy the had work, it pays off. 
  • If you are not dedicated to this journey, you wont succeed. It's hard, but worth it. And you will inspire so many people along the way, over half that you won't even know! 
When did you start this healthier lifestyle journey?

I started this lifestyle journey when I was 18. I became a gogo dancer, and I knew I had to have an amazing body since I would be dancing in front of people. This helped me change my diet, exercise more, and really understand the importance of loving your body and being healthy for the future. Once I started teaching my friends and co-workers my exercises, they started to see changes in their life and thanked me for sharing. That was when I knew this was a passion of mine and I could really help others!

What is your favorite part?

My favorite part of being a personal trainer is seeing my clients overcome challenges and fears and doubts. Seeing their confidence BURST after a matter of weeks makes it all worth it. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of that change in their life!

How do you encourage others to take on a healthier lifestyle?

I am always giving advice about how to eat healthier. I am a snacker, all day every day. But I make sure I snack on a variety of healthy foods. Sharing these tips with co-workers and friends helps them see how imprtant food is for healthy living. Yes I love to exercise, but healthy eating is just as important. Having fun while you see your body change is crucial too. Challenge your family and friends to do things with you too. Living healthy is not a chore, it's a decision to live longer and enjoy each day!

Can you share a few tips on what exercise people should start with?

You don't need to go run and get a gym membership to lose weight or gain muscle. Start with walking/jogging/running, jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-up's, and planks. These basic moves will really help with getting in the rountine of exercise. Watch home-workout videos on YouTube. Ask friends for tips. Join fitness challenges.

What do you like to do for FUN? 

I LOVE to have fun! Museums, concerts, clubs, road trips, sightseeing, and hanging out with friends are my favorite. Having fun and enjoying life is VERY important! Let loose, laugh, and enjoy every single day of life!

Who inspires YOU?

The people who inspire me the most are the people that are DEDICATED and DETERMINED. No matter what the circumstance is, I really get inspired by those who committ 100% to what they want. My clients that really want to see changes make me work harder, and strengthen my passion for what I do! Dedicated athletes really inspire me.

Feel free to share anything else.

I am the founder of Abs For Days; a personal training company. I specialize in pre-made workout calendars. I currently have a "April Ab Challenge" coming up in April to focus on toning and strengthening abs. This is a WORLDWIDE challenge with prizes and great results. I have over 250+ participants from all over the globe (Sweden, Australia, England, Africa, USA, etc.). Clients print out the calendar and do each daily workout at their home on their own time. 
I've been doing this for less than a year and have seen amazing results from my clients. I created this by myself and plan to have the entire world doing the same daily workout!!! Fitness is my passion and as I am currently working on gaining my Personal Training Certification, I know my dedication and passion will help the world better understand the importance of daily health and exercise!
pedometer challenge

Jibby also has an APRIL PEDOMETER CHALLENGE posted on her Facebook page. The challenge is to walk 300,000 steps in April, think you can do it? Send her an email at to do the challenge! I'm doing it and the Abs Challenge. #300000Steps
I challenge you to connect with Jibby and join us in the April Challenges!

Facebook: Facebook - Abs
Website: Abs For Days
Twitter: @AbsForDays
Instagram: Jibbography
LifeKraze - Jibby Bond
KiK - AbsForDays2013


  1. I'll do the abs challenge too! Thank you, thank you!!

  2. I guess I need to get a pedometer! I bet my son would enjoy having one too!


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