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Are you making 2013 your year of Healthy Living? Here are a few Healthier Lifestyle Apps that I have found helpful on my journey. Today is week 5 of the 52 Weeks of Inspiration and I'm featuring healthy apps.
healthier lifestyle apps

Healthy Living Apps

Run Keeper is my current favorite app where I record or track my walking and running exercises that I do outdoors and indoors. It works great for track walking, elliptical and treadmill use. I love that it keeps track of my miles, calories, time,etc. The only downside for me is that it doesn't do so well with circuit training or my exercise classes. I manually add in that information. I also have it set to remind me to workout daily. I don't need it but I have it just in case I'm being lazy the app will tell me to go exercise. Here is a screen shot of my Elliptical use where it keep track of my best times, distance, etc. All my records are from the Fall. I need to get working harder on the Elliptical!
Run Keeper

Healthier Lifestyle App

This Fall, teen Anna got me hooked on LifeKraze which is on the desktop and apps for the smartphones. It is my daily check in spot to make me accountable for exercising. It is also my go-to place for inspiration on my healthier lifestyle journey. Daily I go in to see what others are doing, give them points for their accomplishments and leave comments that inspire them or praise them for their efforts. I have learned a lot about exercise from all the other members and I daily feel inspired to do more and to keep on going. Here are 2 screen shots. One is my personal accomplishment page and the other are accomplishments of others.

I exercise almost daily and have now lost 65 pounds since April 2012. I do go through plateaus and decided to find something to help me track my calories in and calories burned. I don't get frustrated because exercising makes me fell great and I know that it is a life long process of change. 

Through careful research I discovered BodyMedia.  It is an arm band that tracks calories in and out which includes tracking exercise, sleep, food and more. I can use it as a healthier lifestyle app as well as a desktop journal. The below iPhone screen shot shows one of the first few days when I started using the app. I learned that I needed to burn 500 more calories daily than I ate to lose 1 lb a week and burn 1000 calories daily to lose 2 lbs a week. When you are burning way more than you are taking in your body isn't getting what it needs and you will plateau. So this screen shot truly pointed out what I was doing. 

The following week I ate more food (healthier food), exercised the same and finally started loosing weight again. I pushed passed the plateau! By the way, BodyMedia is what they use on The Biggest Loser. I didn't know that and started using it before this season began. I would love to see their results using the BodyMedia bands.
healthier apps

This shot is from their website, BodyMedia. Love this picture with the arm band, phone app and desk top view. 

Do you have a healthier lifestyle app which you enjoy using? Link it up below. I will be going through each healthy living post listed so I can get some new inspiration on my journey! I will share more in the future so check back. 

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  1. Hey Wow!!! I love this app. I will definitely going to download it to stay healthy.


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