I Love You Sign Language Kids Crafts

Kids love hands on kids crafts such as this "I Love You" sign language handprint card. This is a perfect Valentine's Day gift that they can make and give to family and friends.
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"I Love You" Sign Language Handprint Card

1. Using a single sheet of unfolded paper, trace your hand.
2. Cut out your handprint.
3. Carefully fold down the middle finger and index finger. Unfold and apply glue to those two fingers. Fold them back down, and press down to glue securely.
4. You made the American Sign Language sign for "I Love You!" If you want, decorate your handprint card with stickers, glitter, markers, or crayons! (If you want a bigger card, you can glue your handprint onto another piece of paper that has been "hamburger folded" or folded in quarters.)
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Kids Crafts

Fun kids craft from Donna & Co.

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