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Here is a sweet and easy valentines craft for you to make today with your kids. Kids crafts using their handprints are great keepsake projects.

Valentines Craft

Construction paper or card stock
Pencil, pen, or marker
Stickers, markers, crayons, glitter (for optional decorating)

Handprints Heart Card

1. Fold a piece of paper width-wise (hamburger fold, not hotdog!). 
2. With the tip of your thumb aligned with the folded edge, trace your hand. 
3. Cut out your handprint, making sure both layers get cut and stay connected in the thumb area. Don't cut out the space between the pointer finger and the thumb yet!
4. Cut out the paper in the space between the pointer finger and the thumb. It took us till our third one, the red one, to figure out that we should just cut a heart shape there, instead of trying to follow the traced lines. It made a much better heart shape that way!
5. If you want, decorate your handprint card with stickers, glitter, markers, or crayons!
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