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Welcome back to my 52 weeks of Inspiration series. I'm on a healthier lifestyle journey and I want to share what inspires me day in and day out. If you have something that inspires you, leave a comment and share!
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This week I a featuring one of my favorite, inspiring blogs since I have been on my healthier lifestyle journey. That blog is Hungry Healthy Happy written by Dannii. Her blog and life motto is Hungry Healthy Happy - It's all about balance. Here is her interview. I hope you get inspired too! 

What inspired you to get healthy? 
At the end of 2008 I was having a lot of health problems. I had no energy and I hated the way I felt and looked and I knew it was all to do with my weight. I started slowly by making all my meals myself, stopped order pizza, had healthy snacks and cut out anything processed and full of chemicals. I did some gentle yoga and then moved onto swimming and finally the gym when I felt more fit.

Are you a Fitness and/or Health Coach?
No, I am just a regular person who got healthy, lost 98lbs and now shares that journey with other people.

How long have you being on a healthier journey?
It started in 2008 and took me around 18 months to lose the weight and I have kept the weight off ever since. I will always be on this journey as there is always something to learn and always a new challenge.

Why do you do it? 
Why do I stay healthy? Because I want to be around to enjoy life for as long as possible. I also don't want to struggle with every day things like walking up the stairs.
If you mean why do I blog and share my journey, then that is because I think it is good for people to read about a journey from someone relatable. I don't have a personal chef and trainer. I have the same struggles and commitments as everyone else, but I am showing that it can be done.

How do you encourage others to take on a healthier lifestyle? 
  • I share with them my ups and downs and show them that it will never be easy, but it will always be worth it. 
  • I share my recipes to show that healthy eating can be enjoyable and I share my workouts to show that exercise can be fun. 
  • I share lots of inspirational and motivational quotes to help people change the way they see themselves and the world around them.

Can you share a few tips? 
  • My biggest tip would be to take it one day at a time, one meal and one workout at a time. 
  • Set yourself small goals and be realistic. 
  • Stay positive and if you fall down, just get straight back up again.

How can others get involved? 
You can get involved with Hungry Healthy Happy (HHH) by joining the little community that has formed. I say little, but it has grown so much over the past year and the blog, Facebook page and Twitter account is full of people supporting and motivating each other with their goals.

What advise would you share with someone who wants to begin eating or exercising? 
  • As I said before, take it slow and set small goals. 
  • Start making more meals at home.
  • Try some new workouts and find what works for you. There is no one rule for everyone. There are many routes to the same destination.
What do you like to do for FUN?
Apart from the odd bottle of wine? ;) I love travelling - that is one of my biggest passions. I love playing guitar and it might seem odd to some, but I find cooking really fun. Creating new recipes that are both healthy and delicious is a great feeling for me.

Do you have a favorite recipe? My favourite recipe is my chocolate fudge brownies. They are incredible and you would never know they were healthy. That is what the recipes on HHH is all about. Click here for the Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Hungry Healthy Happy - It's all about balance

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healthy recipes

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