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Smart moms buy used clothing for their childrens clothes at Little Frugalistas! Online thrift stores, such as Little Frugalistas is the smart way to save time and money! 
used clothing
Used Clothing

I'm a mom of three girls, two of which are twins. When I was pregnant with the twins, my hubby was just graduating college and headed into another 4 year program. So from the beginning I have always shopped thrift stores for childrens clothes. My girls are all teenagers and we still shop at our favorite used clothing shops. How about you?

Thrift Store

Just recently I found out about Little Frugalistas which is an online thrift store for childrens clothes. I so wish this online thrift store was around when my girls were little. They carry sizes 0-3 months all the way to 7-8 for girls and boys. I was reading their guarantee and all the gently worn clothes have been "doubly and triply" inspected for no rips or tears, no missing buttons and not stains or defects. Since it is an online store you might be concerned with the cost of shipping. Guess what? They offer free shipping for orders over $40.

Stop over and check out Little Frugalistas which is a wonderful money saving resource for your family.

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