Healthier Lifestyle and the Genie Bra review

There is a downside to this healthier lifestyle journey. It is difficult keeping up with clothes to fit my changing body. I recently found the Genie Bra and it gave my body a new lift in this journey!

The Genie Bra is an As Seen On TV product and can be purchased online. When I took the bra out of the box it looked just like my sports bra. I was disappointed because I didn't need another sports bra. I really needed a form fit that would hold tight to my every changing body and that I could wear outside the gym. My current sports bras don't do that and I don't wear them outside of the gym. On first look, I thought that this bra isn't going to fit like my wire bras but just like my unsupportive sports bra.

I'm here to admit that I judged the Genie Bra before trying it on. That was my first and last mistake with this bra. The Genie Bra gave me the lift and support like my old wire bras without the uncomfortable wire. The bra has a wide band and each cup is separated and fitted to give a lift. Better yet, the bra keeps its shape and has given me the fit and shape I need as my size decreases. This is very important to me and will save me money until I get to my new weight. At first the bra looked like a sports bra but it is no where near a sports bra.

I have a very busy daily routine and it feels great to rely on the Geni Bra to give me the a smooth, creaseless fit when I change out of my gym clothes and into my daily outfits. The bra also comes with pads which provide extra lift and coverage. I am not using them but in the future I might as I lose more weight. I'm totally satisfied and as I said in the beginning, the Genie Bra has given me a new lift in my healthier lifestyle journey!

This is my review of the Geni Bra but I do want you to check it out for yourself at the Genie Bra Website and on their Facebook page. I love the before and after pictures of the women trying on the bra. Yes, I'm a chicken or I would do before and after pictures of myself. For now, you'll have to check their site to actually see the difference. I have found the same result as these women. The Geni Bra is truly like wearing a regular under wire bra but it is so much more comfortable.

Ok this is crazy but I also tried the Slim and Tone Leggings for the same reason. I wanted something to give me a snug fit as my body is changing. These are wonderful for the midsection and legs. Since it is winter and I'm always freezing, I do wear these to bed for extra warmth under my pj's.
weight loss

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I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Genie Bra and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


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