Share Breakfast during National Breakfast Week

How are you celebrating National Breakfast Week? Do you cook tasty breakfast recipes for your kiddos? It is also National Cereal Day. Which cereals are in your pantry? Have you heard about the Share Breakfast campaign by Kellogg?
I've always tried to get my kids to eat breakfast. Sometimes that might just be a breakfast bar,Chocolate Chip Pancakes ,waffles, cereal, Bacon Breakfast Muffins or even just fruit. I tell them over and over that they need to break the fast from dinner. Breakfast will give them the energy needed to get going in the morning and to help them focus and concentrate in school. They are teens on the run so I pretty much let them pick what they want and have time to eat.

Growing up I don't remember the emphasis of eating breakfast. So I have had to learn healthier lifestyle eating habits on my own and teach those to my girls. I personally am on a weight loss journey and do eat a good breakfast every morning. These habits will hopefully stay with my girls as they leave home and live on their own.

Did you know that 1 in 5 kids may go without breakfast every day? I personally know that in my community we have had documented cases of kids going without breakfast on the weekends. During the week they can get a breakfast at school I'm part of an organization in my community which works each week to get breakfast into the hands of school age kids on the weekend. Our community breakfast as it is provides cereal, fruit, granola bars, breakfast bars, oatmeal and pop tarts each week for the kids to take home and eat Saturday and Sunday. I'm thrilled to share with you Kellog's "Share Breakfast" campaign which they will give a breakfast to a child in need by people sharing and tweeting their message.

How can you do your part to help support the Share Breakfast campaign?
These are ways to share which are on the Share Breakfast website:

Is this an issue in your community? What is being done? If it isn't an issueWhich will you do to help get breakfast to kids in your community? 

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kellogg’s. I received a product sample as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

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