Betty Crocker Cookbook Giveaway and Easy Caramel Apple Bars Recipe

Ready for another tasty cookbook giveaway? I have not reviewed this cookbook nor do I have a copy, yet! The giveaway is listed over at Cooks & Books & Recipes and I have entered to win my very own copy.  

Do you have this cookbook? Besides all the photos and recipes I love that "each new recipe indicates the Box Tops products used and number of coupons earned. The book also highlights the best products for collecting Box Tops any time you cook, and even comes with 10 Box Top coupons."

Click over to enter this giveaway, HERE, and you will also find the tasty recipe for the mouth watering Easy Caramel Apple Bars. I can't wait to make these for my kids. HURRY because this giveaway ends 1/27/14. 

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