Menu Plan Monday and Cooking for Teens

Happy Monday! Time for a new menu. We are a family of 3 teen girls, two of which aren't home much for dinner. Sometimes they eat when they get home later in the evening or take the food with them to eat for lunch the next day.

Teen food issues

What are your cooking challenges? Here are my issues with teens and some examples of what we are doing for meals.

  • It isn't easy feeding teens. 
  • Not only are their schedules crazy but their taste buds seem to be rapidly changing. 
  • Foods that they use to love no longer taste good or appeal to them. 
  • I also noticed that once they got braces I had to cook different foods, too. In our home, all 3 got braces at different times. 
  • So parents be flexible and ask your kids to help you with your weekly menu plan
  • Take them along to the store, yes even as teens they need to go to the store and help you shop. 
  • Give them a list and let them go shop for you, too! 
  • Don't always cook mac and cheese for your kids. Keep cooking and trying new things. 
  • They will thank you for it later in life.

What are your cooking challenges? How do you cook for teens? Any tips?

menu plan

Monday- Fiesta Burger, Veggie Critter Snack Attack and Baked Carrots (gluten free)

Tuesday- Thai Basil Fried Rice and Easy to Make Crab Rangoons

Wednesday - Leftovers from Monday and Tuesday

Thursday- Easy to make BLT Pizza, salad and fruit kabobs

Friday - Slow Cooker Pot Roast Sliders with Creamy Chipotle Sauce, Ranch and Bacon Pasta Salad

Saturday & Sunday - Anna Banana Bread, Bacon Muffins

Exercise Challenge - 30 Day Plank Challenge - check it out or the 14 Day Slim Fast Challenge

menu plan recipes

I've linked up at OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday link party. 


  1. Great tips. That BLT pizza sounds yummy.

    Michelle F.

  2. Oooo I want to try the Fiesta Burger!!!

  3. Feeding teens can be so difficult sometimes. I made a former family favorite last night and a few of my kids told me that they no longer like that after I made it GRRR! It gets harder and harder to please 7 kids at once.
    Thankfully they can all cook for themselves (and each other)


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