Auto Winter Safety 500 Giveaway

Are you ready for more SNOW? This has been the craziest winter for Southern Illinois and friends all over the USA. How is Mr. Winter treating you? I'm thrilled to offer you this Auto/Winter Safety 500 Giveaway to keep you going this winter. It seems as though it will be a long one! Out of all of the prizes I would love that Mighty Jump for all of my teen drivers. Check out the prizes and tell me which is your favorite. Keep save & warm!
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 "Auto/Winter Safety 500 Giveaway"

3 - Winners

1st Place Prize Package:
1 - History of Mustang 13" Sound Clock
1 - Mighty Jump Pro 2-Pack
1 - Weather Wizard  De-Icer
1 - Mountain Series Weekender Medical Kit
1 - Extreme Survival Kit Snack Assortment 

2nd Place Second Package:
1 - History of Mustang 13" Sound Clock
1 - Mighty Jump Pro 2-Pack
1- Weather Wizard De-Icer
1 - Mountain Series Weekender Medical Kit

Third Place Prize Package:
1 - History of Mustang 13" Sound Clock
1- Weather Wizard De-Icer

We are starting out the New Year with a giveaway that we all depend upon in our daily life's, Automobiles. Now I wish that the prize package in the giveaway could provide the winner with a brand new automobile, but since it can't it will give you a chance to win some pretty cool auto related prizes. 

This package has a little of everything you might need in your travels this winter and a little more. 

Prize List:

Since 2014 is the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang,
the first prize could not be a better match to this event,
along with making sure you leave in plenty of time this
winter driving season.

History of Mustang 13" Sound Clock

Remember the rumble and roar of one of America’s finest sports cars with this 13-inch Ford Mustang Sound Clock. Dial features twelve of the legendary Mustangs that will take you back to the 1960's through the present. 

As an added bonus, hear one of twelve authentic recordings of these classic cars at the top of each hour. Will be a great collector’s item for muscle car enthusiasts. Light sensor deactivates the sounds when the room is dark.

Mighty Jump Pro Platinum
The last thing you need when you get in your car to go somewhere is a
dead battery, well this item will be there to save you in case this ever
happens to you.

Mighty Jump PRO is an emergency jump-starter that allows you to jump-start a vehicle without leaving the driver's seat. When the Mighty Jump is plugged into the dashboard cigarette lighter it transfers power from itself to the car battery, using the internal wiring of the vehicle.
With the success of Mighty Jump, the Pro was a collaboration between Universities and Engineers around the world to make Mighty Jump perform better.The circuitry and design gives the best Mighty Jump ever.
Mighty Jump Features:
• Small enough to store almost anywhere
• No more confusing jumper cables that rely on a jump-start from another car
• Charges car battery when adaptor is plugged into a standard car cigarette lighter
• Takes only 10 minutes to charge a car battery enough to start the engine
• Multiple uses, rechargeable

There is nothing worse in the winter than to walk outside to find your

car's windshield covered in ice. Viatek has come up with a great product
that will come to your rescue in seconds "Weather Wizard".

Weather Wizard - Melt It De-Icer
Remove thick, icy buildup in just seconds. Don’t get stuck behind a dangerous,ice-covered, hazy windshield. Drive safely with Melt it!™ Windshield De-Icer by your side. Simply spray windshield and wipers to loosen ice for safe, easy cleaning. Easy-to-use spray is perfect for removing icy obstructions on side view mirrors and windows too. No chipping or scraping– simply spray onto frozen area and wipe away water as needed with a soft cloth. Works on windshields, windows, mirrors, key locks, padlocks, latches and more. Even sprays in severely cold temperatures. Maintain better visibility for driving with a crystal-clear windshield.

 Tender Corp is a leader in Medical Supplies and Kits and has
generously provided this kit to add in the prize package. This
is a great addition to help protect you and your family in case 
of emergencies that may occur in your travels. Below is a list of
medical supplies included within this kit.

Visit Adventure Medical Kits today and check out
their variety of Medical Kits and Supplies.


Visit their Outdoor Survival Site for all of your Outdoor 

Survival needs.


They can survive anything with the help of these 6 1/2 gallon tins: a 3-Flavor combo of Cheese, Butter and Caramel corn, or an Extreme Survival Kit with 4 Popcorn Balls, pretzels, chips & salsa, pistachios, chocolate chip cookies, fruit sours, red licorice twists, double twist caramels and premium popcorn--Buffalo Ranch, Jalapeno, Cheese, Cinnamon and Almond Pecan corn. Add a custom photo label for pizazz!

A Big Thank you to all of our Sponsors

This Giveaway is valid in the Continental United States only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST) 2/10/2014.This giveaway is in no way endorsed, associated or affiliated with Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest or Google in any way.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received a copy of the Mark Feldstein
sound clock for review purposes only. Sponsors will be responsible
for the awarding and shipping of the prizes directly to the winner.
Once the prize notification email has been sent out, the winner will
have 48 hours to respond with their full name and address. Failure
to do so will result in disqualification and another winner to be drawn.

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  1. The Mighty Jump Pro would be great to have on hand. Dead batteries always seem to happen at the worst possible time.


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