Hidden Valley Veggie Critter Snack Attack!

 I have to say that I love it when my kids play with their food!  It keeps life real!

The challenge was to take the Hidden Valley® Veggie Critter Snacks Recipe and make it your own! This is a great activity for the kids while you are preparing dinner.  If your child is too small to use a knife, pre-cut the veggies into various shapes and let them create from that.

Hidden Valley Critter Snack Attack! (click for a printable version)
4 oz cream cheese, softened
1/2 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch mix
1/2 bottle of Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch dressing 
Various veggies- we used mushrooms, carrots, green onion, orange pepper, red & yellow peppers, green olives and cherry tomatoes

Mix cream cheese and dressing with a mixer. Chill until ready to serve. For presentation it is fun to add the dip to the inside of one of the peppers.

Get out cutting board, knife and platter. Clean veggies and let your kids create the veggie critter platter. My daughter discovered that you can use the dip as "glue" to help stick together various veggies. Eat!

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