Pretty Neat Organizational Book Review & Giveaway

Pretty Neat: The Buttoned-Up Way to Get Organized and Let Go of Perfection
 I love reading books on how to get organized.  I love organizing my book on organizing. It is so much fun. *cough cough*  So are you wondering if I'm being for real or if I'm putting down a large dose of sarcasm?  I am being serious, just so you know!  

When I was a young bride and then a young mom of twins, all within a span of a year I was hit by the unorganized hurricane. I really had no clue how to even go about being organized so through my many SAHM groups, I found about all the manuals  on how not to be messy and how to organize your  home.  These type of books got me through those early years of total chaos. (Now if I can get those teens to do as I say and do)

The one thing I lacked was a book on how to plan and cook meals.  This ended up coming by experience. I never liked not knowing what I was going to make for dinner.  So much time & money is wasted when you aren't prepared and you eat the wrong foods most of the time. 

The book, Pretty Neat: the buttoned-up way to get organized & let go of perfection has a wonderful chapter on Master Hone-Cooked Meals (Really!) This would have been great for me to read when I was a young bride & mom of little ones.  This chapter goes in to detail on what the problem is and how you can go about fixing it to help you create healthy meals that don't take all day to cook.  Planning ahead & making a menu is a good start in getting on the right track which is what I do.  

Below you will find the link to the Get Buttoned up website! They have a wonderful newsletter, beautiful free printables and a zillion tips to get you organized!  I love the weekly meals chart!

If you have organizational issues, you are a new mom or have a friend who will be, this is the perfect book for you to read!  You can click on the above photo to go straight to Amazon to check out the book and/or you can enter below to win a copy!

1 copy of Pretty Neat
USA and ends 3/21

Mandatory Entry: Follow my blog on Google Friend Connect (right side bar) and leave a comment on one area of your home you want to get more organized.  Leave an email so if you win I can contact you quickly! 

Bonus Entries:
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Thanks to Global Influence and Get Buttoned Up for the book to read and the opportunity to participate in the blog review.  All words expressed here are my own tasty words and opinions.

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