#Win Friendship Bread: A Novel by Darien Gee and a dry starter

Friendship Bread: A Novel
Hey friends! Here is your chance to win a copy of Darien Gee's new novel: Friendship Bread.  You know that I have posted some tasty recipes for Amish Friendship Bread (see top of the right side bar to find the recipes by clicking the bread photo) over the past few months.  I got the Amish Friendship baking bug many months back because I got to read her novel before it went in for publication.  Once I read it, I knew that I wanted to bake and share this bread! 

So to enter (4 will win in March) to win a copy of her book and a packet of the dry starter mix, you'll need to head on over to the beautiful website, Friendship Bread Kitchen.(This link will take you directly to the contest)  You will also find a recipe box there full of over 50 recipes, a new forum for you to post and get your friendship bread questions answered, tips, frequently asked questions and more information about the novel that will be released April 5th! 

You can connect with the Friendship Bread Kitchen on the website, Facebook and Twitter

Check my link up for recipes that I have created, as well as my many new friends that I have made on other blogs, just because of Friendship Bread! There are some book reviews posted, too!

Have a great day!
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