Redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You Free Rental Codes

Calling all Redbox fans! What’s better than $1 a night movies? 

How about FREE MOVIES! 

Lucky you, Redbox is giving everyone the chance to grab free movie rentals now through St. Patrick’s Day during the Redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You promotion!

 We have been renting movies at Redbox before it was "cool" to do so! When the big redbox showed up at our local Walmart we started renting movies right away.  

People would stare at us and come up to us and ask what we were doing.  There were so many times where my girls and I stood there giving a live demonstration on how to use the redbox, why to use it, cost to rent and more! 

We always passed on the website information so that they could go register and get a free Monday rental code.

Lucky you! Do you use Redbox? If not this is the time to start! Click to register and invite family & friends, too! Redbox wants to THANK YOU by giving you free DVD and Blue-Ray rental codes for movies. This is only for first time to rent/hold movies online accounts. If you have rented online you'll have to open a new account.

This special is just through March 17th!  So you have one week to earn codes. Each code is valid for 10 days.  This is the time to let your Social Media Friends in on your secret code knowledge! Share the Luck of the Irish with your Facebook, Myspace & Twitter friends!   

What? You don't watch movies? Well pass my code on to your friends & family!  Give them my link so I can rent free movies for my kids!  Here is my "Secret Code" You can click on it to get to the site or pass it on to a stranger :)

Thanks and Happy Movie renting/watching!

Disclosure: I'm participating in a Global Influence campaign and was compensated for posting this information! I am following all  FTC guidelines. My own opinions are expressed here.

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