Bacon Mondays! Fo' Sizzle Bacon Brownie Recipe

This week we are featuring Bacon Brownies. YUCK? Heck no! YUM! These are the most perfect salty, sweet & chocolate treat ever! My kids love this bacon recipe and they are a huge hit at potlucks! Make this dessert recipe for your next event! 

I think that I need to post something bacon every Monday! lol 

Bacon Brownies- sizzlin' quick


1 brownie mix
1/2 lb. bacon, cooked


1) Fry 1/2 lb of bacon and cut/crumble when cool.
2) Mix up a brownie box mix or your favorite homemade recipe.
3) Toss in half of the crumbled bacon, mix in and pour in pan.
4)  Top off with rest of bacon.
5) Bake as directed.
6) Eat!

I Love Bacon!
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