Natural Remedies For Seasonal Congestion Relief

Do you or someone in your family suffer from seasonal congestion? Does it keep you indoors? Everyone in my family suffers seasonal congestion on various levels in the spring and in the fall which does interfere with daily activities. We've tried various treatments and always looking for something new. How about your family? What do you use to combat this type of congestions? I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received a promotional item and a product sample as a thank you for participating.

seasonal congestion remedies

Just recently I have learned about Zarbee's Naturals' Seasonal Relief to help seasonal congestion and excited to try it this spring. As soon as spring hits we know that the following few weeks will be miserable. This can keep us indoors with seasonal suffering. 

To relief seasonal congestion we try these natural remedies:
  •  Drink tea and plenty of fluids
  •  Stay indoors during peek hours
  •  Change clothes once we come in doors 
  •  Keep windows and doors closed
  •  Rinse eyes with cool water
  •  Keep cats indoors
  •  Everyone gets their own box of tissue and keeps a bag handy to toss their   own
natural dietary supplement

Zarbee's Naturals use all natural ingredients and is made with Butterbur to help combat congestion. This Dietary Supplement is all natural and goes along with our other natural remedies. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Would you like more information on Zarbee's Naturals? Good news is that it is available over the counter at CVS and Target. This supplement is intended for children 12 years of age and over. You can also stop over at the Seasonal Relief Project Website to receive your own customized seasonal congestion tips and sign up for a product sample. 

Every time someone visits the Seasonal Relief Project website to share how Zarbee’s Naturals’ Seasonal Relief with Butterbur worked for them, the brand is donating to four causes that support exposure to and the protection of fresh air, including Fresh Air FundChildren & Nature Network, and Moms Clean Air Force, and Healthy Child Healthy World.


Stop over and check out their website to get more information if anyone in your family suffers from seasonal congestion. Do you have any natural remedies? I'd love for you to share yours in the comments below. I'm always looking for natural remedies.

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