Top Hoppin' Easter Bunny Crafts and Projects {Holiday Fun}

I'm such a seasonal nut. I love all the fun colors, foods, decorations that are associated with all of our American and Christian Holidays. This weekend is all about Easter.  How about you? Do you celebrate all the fun holidays? You can go through my National Food HoliDays post for more fun ideas. Here are some of my favorite Easter Bunny ideas. Enjoy!

crafts for Easter bunny

I'd love for you to share your ideas in the comments below!! Thanks and Hoppy Easter! 

Bunny Candy
Easter Candy Project
Easter Bunny Candy Bouquet (my project featured on the Bowdabra Blog)

Easter Candy Recipes

Easter Bunny in a Jar Food Craft & Gift Idea

Easter Bunny Bow Ears Craft for Kids

egg cups

Easter Bunny Egg Cups - Cute and easy project!

-Cut out white and pink ears and pink nose with felt.
-Cut a pipe cleaner in half or in thirds.
-Hot glue or tacky glue ears together and glue to back of small plastic dixie cup. Then do eyes. Fold pipe cleaners in half and glue on cup. Finally glue on nose.

Use this to add in an Easter egg for the kids. You can have their name on the egg. This would be cute for party favors or instead of place cards at the dinner table. You could even add candy into the cup. Use any size cup. I got this fun idea from the daycare where I work!

Rainbow Bread - Last but not least... let the kids brighten up bread with a little bit of fun colors! I got this project from my friend's daycare. 

To Do:
1-With paint brushes, let the kids paint on a mixture of whole milk and food coloring. The mixture is 1/3 cup whole milk and desired amount of food coloring. 

Don't let them go too crazy with the mixture or the bread will turn to mush.

2-Bake the bread on parchment paper in a preheated 375 degree oven for 5 minutes. You can use the paper to write their names on.
3-  Then let them eat the rainbow!
So fun and perfect for so many occasions! Thanks for sharing, Jane! 

More fun Easter ideas

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  1. If you are only doing a couple pieces of Rainbow Bread, you can use a toaster instead of the oven. Also, the colors turn out brightest if you use white bread.


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